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Eureka: Who are the millenials?
by Joseph Gatt
2018-01-22 10:14:53
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This article will be written in question and answer fomat on the millenials.

A lot is said and written about the millenials. Who are the millenials?

Indeed a lot of anecdotals tales are told about the millenials. One of my favorite tales is one that involves their parents negoitating their salaries for them when they are nearing thirty years old.

mill001_400The truth is the millenials are a mixed bag. You have what I like to call “capitalist” millenials, that is millenials whose main focus is to build a career. They tend to be very conscious about their career choices, try hard to find a job and lead a career path. Then you have what I like to call “socialist” millenials, who are more concerned with social justice and who tend to spend more time researching their rights and social rights and fighting for them. Then you have what I like to call “identity driven” millenials, that is millenials who are working hard on forging an identity, be it vegetarianism, veganism, gluten-free diets or militant Islam or Christianity.

What are the common characteristics of millenials?

Those born in the late 90s and early 2000s grew up with access to information that previous generations did not have. They grew up with access to entertainment and education that previous generations did not have. They also grew up in a world where academic inflation was the norm, in a world where teachers were demoted from middle-class workers to working-class workers and where divorce rates were higher than they have ever been.

So they take a few things for granted. They take the recession for granted. They take breakups and hookups for granted. They take fun and entertainment for granted. They take good grades and praise for granted.

But over all there are still three types of millenials. There are those who are serious about getting their careers going. They tend to work hard and are dedicated to their careers and to adapting to the workplace. Then you have those who believe in social justice and whose focus tends to center about those ideas. Then you have those obsessed with their identity.

What are the main positive characteristics that the millenials have?

They tend to have computer literacy, tend to be good at fixing things, tend to be fast learners.

What are their main flaws?

They tend to speak their minds. If they are uncomfortable they will say so without hesitating much. That's a big shock for my generation or previous generations who tended to suffer in silence when necessary.

How can we make the best use of the millenials?

Everyone's different and not all millenials fit in two what I described in the previous two questions. As followers and subordinates, they tend to be efficient problem solvers and meticulous when needed. The problem is the online world they grew up in is not a very meticulous one, so they need training on precision. As leaders, they tend to want to be treated like leaders and communicating with them can be complicated. So the idea is to train them for a few years and their skills along with the previous generation's skills can be a good fit. 

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