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Eureka: The ten commandments to a healthy relationship
by Joseph Gatt
2018-01-19 10:53:32
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Here are ten rules that if you follow, you could end up being in a stable, lifelong relationship.

  1. Relationships are simple. If there's anything complicated about your relationship that can't be fixed, time to move on. Simple means that things are second nature and don't require a lot of mind bending.
  1. If your partner showers you with love, tell him or her you're sorry but need to move on. Showering with love is a warning sign that you will be trapped and won't be allowed to go anywhere or do anything without their consent.
  1. ral01If your partner disagrees with you on things you believe are basic to you such as your career choice or fashion tastes you really need a new partner.
  1. If you have to hide things from your partner you need a new partner. Love is unconditional, and your partner should love you just the way you are, not the way you act and appear.
  1. If your partner believes that three's company, and that three's not a crowd, you need a new partner. Hanging out with other people is awesome, but you two should really get together just the two of you every now and then.
  1. If your partner is too busy and has no clear justification for being too busy, you need a new partner. Some jobs require long working hours, sometimes spanning over the weekends and the evenings, but then there are other ways of being together. He or she could write you a long letter, organize a special evening out or a weekend out together.
  1. If your partner has activities and tastes that don't fit your tastes and activities, you need a new partner. When in love, people tend to adapt their tastes, hobbies and activities to that of their partner.
  1. If your partner's not interested in solving your problems, you need a new partner. Whatever the problem, your partner should at least try to come up with some kind of solutions.
  1. If you feel like you have a boss rather than a partner, you need a new partner. Your partner should allow you space and you should be allowed to say no.
  1. If you feel uncomfortable around your partner, you need a new partner. Unfortunately, sometimes we think we like someone but end up feeling uncomfortable around that person for one reason or another. It could be annoying habits, annoying mannerisms, or just that feeling that we don't love them when we really should. That's a sign you should leave.

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