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Beyond Trump
by David Sparenberg
2018-01-18 12:22:19
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Most of the world agrees, Trump needs to go.  But once Trump is removed from power, America, we will still be diseased with the cancer of racism.   We will still be saturated by our pop-culture of ignorance, voyeurism and violence and our national, fantasy-driven psychosis.  Post-Trump and the Disneyland version of artificial reality and rootless, illusionary existence, and even incessant while somehow naive war making, will yet be working definitions of the United States.  The envenomed cauldrons of hatred will continue to seethe between us and this noxious brew nurturing the American nightmare seep further into the open from behind the disintegrating American dream.

trush1_400Too often intellectually acculturated and self-deceiving idealists wish to believe that what Trumps represents is not US.  But here let’s be equally critical and honest.  Our past is background to the present.  And while it is not everything, the past of nationalism and nationhood contains prominent events and formative patterns of ecocide, genocide and slavery.  Downstage of history, we play out resulting scenes, thus making history, and it is easy within these borders to purchase assault weapons, numbly ignore injustice, tolerate what decency finds intolerable, and submerge ourselves wrathfully in the heart of darkness.

I question American exceptionalism.  This is not exclusively a nation of roses or a land of milk and honey.  There are abundant thorns and poisoned wells litter the proliferating deserts of disunity, suspicion, fear and rancor. Immigrants arrive here from diverse locations and bring global textures as well as ingrained prejudices.  The Great American Melting Pot concept conditions us to smile at one another and serve the consumerism of profiteering capitalism.  Hostile to pluralism and exploitable by fundamentalism and paranoid ideology alike, the melting pot does not instill a deep and vital respect for universal human dignity.  For those who differ and would say that it does, there is this: we are all being tested.  The road we are on we have traveled before.

It is a commonplace in this United States to declare that Freedom is not Free.  The terms are cut roughly into the flesh of a one-dimensional patriotism, wounding the collective soul with the mark of Cain and routinely invoked to justify empire and war.

If we did not live in a state of siege, underneath the semiotics of materialistic normalcy, and critical thinking was not an enemy of nation and people, the constant propaganda for armed interventions, corporate gangsterism and epidemic domestic violence might be changed into a theraputic formula less bloodied and bellicose.  Something, perhaps, like this:  Freedom is the Fulfilment of Love.  But what then?  What then and what America?  Less poverty and fewer guns?  Less military operations, covert, overt, or preemptive, and fewer bombs?  Fewer school shootings and many, many less innocent children murdered?  Less homelessness and fracting gender inequality, and human trafficing?

Likely a realized exceptionalism will never attain perfection.  Perfection after all requires stasis and stasis is the will to power become absolute and not the way of life as democratizing processes, supportatively allowing “otherness” to be, and, as an affinity of dissimilarity, to be included.  Yet exceptionalism must manifest as participatory increase striving toward critical mass.  Otherwise, exceptionalism is hypocrisy and nothing more than the shibboleth of politics as usual.

An important friend of mine recently told me that lately she is thinking about hatred—how to understand what it is, where it comes from, how it consumes goodness and corrupts a person’s soul?  Being a school teacher, this friend is engaged with young lives before they are infected with the malignancy of hatred.  Her questions have no simple answer, as the answer is not singular.  But of this we can be clear:  the politicizing of hatred is dangerous, making policy the enforcement of evil intention actualizing affliction, oppression, bigotry, and destruction.

Trump as such is a clear and present danger, to the future of America and too the whole world now watching.  But the phenomenon of Trumpism extends beyond the blackhole of his vindictive, narcissistic person.  Beyond the Presidency of Trump there are pustules, boils and tumors in need of treatment if we are to grow out of this present sickness of nationalism and into the health of  peoplehood—in the truest sense to become a people of invitation, responsibility and democratic embrace, and a people worthy of living the life of the land of the free.  It is beyond Trump that American identity and place in the world will face the gravest challenges and define or redefine our direction.


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