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There was shithole fire but no fury
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-01-15 13:01:21
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So, I got the book on time and I’ve read a big part of it on time. I was just not sure if I wanted to write about it on time. Of course I’m talking about Michael Wolff’s book “Fire And Fury” which came after: “Devil's Bargain”, “Understanding Trump”, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”, “Let Trump Be Trump” and a few more that this minute are literally building a new section in my bookshelves. And I read most of them until I got bored. Fine, there was a lot of fire in Wolff’s book but there was no fury at all. What really was was denial and I don’t know how and when this will end.

As far the events unveiling in the Wolff’s book, if you get the nearly hourly reports from Politico or Kos you know everything said and done in Trump’s white house. You actually have the chance to read everything happening while happening. What did Wolff’s book added? Absolutely nothing. Trump is the Trump we all knew and suspected, his administration is what we all knew and expected and his family is …his family. In total, the Trumps (family and friends) are a gang of corrupted racist idiots, dominating the biggest economic and military power of the world. Period.

fire01_400_06Ironically one more very important thing that is obvious to the outside observer reading these books and especially Wolff’s book is that …there is no democracy in USA.

I feel that I repeat myself lately but racism is nothing new in USA and no it didn’t end in 1960s. The American society is deeply puritan in many ways and racism/white supremacism is part of this twisted puritanism coming to the surface every time it feels threaten like it did in 1930s, like it did in 1960s, like it did in the beginning of the 21st century. It seems that it has a generational cycle. And Trump in the white house is just the reflection of this twisted puritanism. A puritanism out of a dystopian fiction novel.

Trump family doesn’t act like a Machiavellian prince; they are the Machiavellian prince and all his cousins with only one difference: they hold the button that can nuke the world in pieces. And you know what? They don’t care because Trump, his family and his friends are a bunch of crooks making money. A lot of money. Billions and trillions of dollars. This is their crime and their motive. Money. And just like every other crook, they don’t give a damn for the consequences of their …con to the others.

So, yes plenty of fire there. But no fury. What we all do is keep chronicling and documenting their unbelievable scams. Regarding Wolff’s book? He missed the best because the best came after the book was published and keeps coming. Every single day, every single hour Trump is awake. Paraphrasing what the man said himself we are in a shithole of history.

Trump is there to stay. He is there because the American democracy was …convenient and not democratic enough to elect him and with him the dark side of America is out. The paranoid, xenophobe, uneducated, picaresque America is out and since it was obviously always there even hiding under liberal and “democratic” veils, everything is on fire but not in fury.

American democracy is in serious crisis and Trump’s con-play brought everything to the surface. Trump proved that both, the Republican and the Democratic parties are literally dead and they exist only through their antagonisms and petit political games between lobbying and fundraising. Who’s going to carry the traditions of Roosevelt or Obama? Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or grandpa Bernie Sanders? Ironically the most democrat of all is the 76 year-old Sanders. In the Republican Party the situation is retirement and the mice leaving the sinking ship first. Paul Ryan will try hard to find familiar faces among his own team after 2018 midterm elections. The parties themselves demand change and perhaps, perhaps time has come for USA to discover multiparty democracy. Perhaps the time has come for the American voters to discover multiparty democracy. Perhaps time has come for the American citizens to discover fury because enough with the shithole fire from the Trumps.

P.S. The word: shithole, in the title was from the latest Trump genius characterization for the people immigrating from anywhere else except …Norway and the point is that again Trump put on a fire but there s no …fury. Just blame and denial.

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