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The Condition
by David Sparenberg
2018-01-10 12:32:24
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let us never forget that there are people in this troubled world, men especially, who are very different from you and I—who think abstractly and pride themselves on the suppression of emotion and the will with which they hold clearly, if ever so grimly, to their goals—men of unwavering principle, if not obsessive and infernal ideologies.

love1_400Strong men, men of fixed ideas and steely wills; dictators of movements and of nations; often they are behind crimes in high places and often responsible for crimes being legislated into law.

So inflated can the human ego become, so perverted and dangerous the human sense of being absolute, and the fatal playing out of the game of might makes right!  So far removed in their persons, so forever predatorily intimate, into our family meals and our bedrooms, are these players of power and politics, of power and war.

And what are we—tenderly positioning lovers, private dreamers, the wounded poets and solitaries, and the simple folk, who live more as garden roses or nightingale songs, than in bombast and bombs, than in analytic abstractions and antiseptic murder, and a clear conscience empowering ethnic cleansing?

Certainly it is troublesome, even painful and bitter in the mouth to have such ugliness forever oppressing heart and mind.  Even perhaps to awaken often in the fevered hush of night to an uneasy

thought, to recurring midnight haunting, that bottomless horrors of inhumanity lurk, coiled, behind a grinning human mask.  Yet what can the honest do?  How insidiously indifference terrorizes life! 

Love, we must never forget.

We must never forget: never allow sinister darkness to take hold of us; never let fear or hatred prevail in our presence, or our persons, or between us.  There is a truth often and easily spoken, yet not nearly enough given and received as experience: Love is life’s greater power.  Love saves.

On the level of history, there is the condition of suffering and privation, devastation and betrayal.  On the level of maturity; the gradually emerging profound maturity; there is love and compassion, humility and courage, love and healing.  Love: the only honest and integral heroic.



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