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Oh Lordy ! It's a God Particle !
by Leah Sellers
2018-01-12 12:35:29
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“Peggy Joy, get on over here and help me muck these stalls out,”  her Brother Kyle barked.
“And why should I ?  You didn’t help me wash and dry the dishes after lunch,”  Peggy Joy quipped.
electr01_400“You know I had to finish up my paper on the God Particle for school.  I promise to do the dishes for you all next week, if you help me out with the stalls today,”  Kyle pleaded.  “I’m still not finished with that gol-durned paper, and I’ve gotta’ get it done today, because it’s due tomorrow.”
“You’re not finished with it because you always procrastinate, Kyle,”  Peggy Joy replied.  “Oh alright, I’ll help you out, but only if you pinky-swear that you’ll do the dishes for me all next week.  And I do mean All next week, Kyle.”
“I pinky swear, and double swear, Peggy Joy.  I’m desperate,”  Kyle said as he grabbed hold of Peggy Joy’s pinky finger and shook it.
“I hate to take advantage of a desperate man, but I’ll take it,”  Peggy Joy grinned.
Peggy Joy grabbed a shovel and rake, joined her brother in the next stall, and began shoveling horse-puckey into the large wheel barrel Kyle had already began to fill out in the center aisle of the building.
“What’s a God Particle anyways ?”  Peggy Joy asked.
“You must really be bored if you’re asking me that question,”  Kyle laughed.
“No, no.  I’m really interested.  I love Science,”  Peggy Joy insisted.  “It’s one of my favorite subjects.”
“Well, its called a Boson,”  Kyle said matter-of-factly.  “It’s an UnStable Particle.  As soon you as you see it, it’s gone.”
“Is a Particle an Atom ?” Peggy Joy asked.
“Nope.  A Particle is what an Atom is made-up of.  Particles are what naturally combine to make-up Stuff - or Matter, if you wanna’ be official about it,”  Kyle answered lightly.
“So, all Matter is made up of Particles.  And those Particles are named Bosons, right,”  Peggy Joy repeated aloud.
“That’s right, and they located the God Particle when they found it Exciting an Energetic Field of some kind around other Particles,”  Kyle said off-handedly.
“And then of course, there’s Anti-Matter, which is Matter that has a Reverse Polarity,”  Kyle continued as he paused to lean on his shovel.  “You see, Matter has negatively charged Electrons, but Anti-Matter has positively charged Positrons.”
“That’s funny, you’d think it would be the other way around,”  Peggy Joy said laughing.
“Yeah, I get what you mean, but it works the other way around,”  Kyle explained.  “In fact, the Atoms have positively charged Protons, but Anti-Atoms have negatively charged Anti-Protons.”
“Heck, if you put all of the Anti-Particles, Anti-Atoms, and Anti-Matter together you’d have a parallel Universe of Anti-Matter, in theory that is,”  Kyle said thoughtfully.
“So, an Electron that responds to that Energetic Magnetic field you mentioned as though it’s positively charged, is what they call a Positron ?”  Peggy Joy asked for clarification.
“Yep.  And when they invented this special machine that crashed regular Protons together, the Scientists wound up with Anti-Protons,”  Kyle added.
“So, if you wanna’ think about it philosophically you’re talking about the Yin and Yang Energies of all Matter,”  Peggy Joy mused.
“You and your Philosophy,”  Kyle discounted, and began shoveling horse dung once again.  “I’m talking Science.
“Why do you always have to compartmentalize things, Kyle  Or think that there’s only one way to look at things or try and explain things ?”  Peggy Joy asked sharply.
“Because Science deals with facts based upon experimentation and observation, that’s why,”  Kyle answered haughtily.
“And don’t forget the Theories the Scientists are seeking to prove, nit-wit,”  Peggy Joy retorted.  “And let’s not forget that Philosophy basically does the same thing.”
“I only talked to Mama about this, but when I had that allergic reaction to the anesthesia after my surgery, I left my body for awhile,”  Peggy Joy said sheepishly.  “Don’t ask me how long, ‘cause I can’t tell you.  All I can tell you is what I remember experiencing.”
“First, I was floating over my body, and looking down at the two nurses trying to get me to breathe.  Then I went looking for Daddy and Mama, and everybody else who had come to wish me well during my surgery.”
My Spirit Form went straight through the walls.  I could see all of the air conditioning ducts and interior wiring inside the walls.  I even saw spider webs and some dead bugs.  And then all of a sudden, I was out of the walls, and floating above all of my Family and Friends in some Community area.”
“I just hovered around listening to everything that everybody said, and observed the makings of my Spiritual Form,”  Peggy Joy paused.  It’s hard to explain, but it was like being a floating and moving Little Galaxy.”
“My Spiritual Form was filled with Light and Dark Energies of all kinds of shapes and sizes, that kept bumping into one another.  And some pieces would glom onto other pieces, but bounce right off of others.  I could see the Energetic Fields around each of them.  It was strange.  Not at all what I expected.”
“I kept looking for a long, dark tunnel with a light at the end of it.  Or Heaven or….”
“Or Hell,”  Kyle interrupted.
“No, I didn’t expect to see Hell, Kyle, because I work hard at trying to be a Good Person.  But I was surprised to find myself as a Willful, floating, Little Galaxy that was filled with all of these various other Energies of all kinds that had lives and movements all of their own.  And yet I felt like this single Intelligent Consciousness that was missing the ability to Touch things, Feel things that our Body’s Skin Touches and makes us Feel Emotionally.”
“But I could See in every direction all at once, and it somehow made sense to me.  It didn’t feel overwhelming at all.  And I also understood why our Spiritual Forms longed for Bodies of Flesh and Bone, because they can Experience things with so much more intensity inside Human Bodies.”
“Sound reverberated through my Little Galaxy differently, but I could understand everything everybody was saying, and even felt the emotions involved with what they were saying,”  Peggy Joy paused.  “That was strange, too.”
“Like you could read minds, Peggy Joy ?”  Kyle asked earnestly.
“No, but I could feel the Emotions and Motivations in what they were saying“  Peggy Joy shook her head.  “It’s so hard to explain, and the whole Experience happened so quickly, before I was suddenly drawn back into my Body, and felt how heavy and dense my Body was.  I didn’t feel hot or cold, but I no longer felt the ‘Lightness of Being’ I had felt in my Little Galaxy Spiritual form.”
“But anyways, that’s why all of your talk about the God Particle and Matter and Anti-Matter make sense to me.  We’re made of it All, Kyle,”  Peggy Joy proposed.  “In fact, we’re all God Particles.  We are Dying as we Live.  We are all full of Matter and Anti-Matter, Light and Darkness simultaneously.  It’s only when we ImBalance the Natural Order and Working of things that the Dying part gets sped up.  And that’s why, Energies like that should not be fiddled with lightly.”
“Yeah, well, Scientists will always Experiment and fiddle around with everything.  That’s the Nature of Science, Peggy Joy.”
“I understand that, Kyle, but, just because we Can Experiment with things or make mechanical things that can change the whole Inner and Outer Workings of everything doesn’t always mean that we should do it.  No matter how strong the compunction might be.”
“Compunction Junction, what’s your Function !”  Kyle sang outloud.
Both Peggy Joy and Kyle stood leaning against their shovels laughing.
“We better get this wheel barrel emptied at the Compost Pile, Sis,”  Kyle said lightly.  “We still have one more stall to go, before I have to finish my paper on the God Particle and look forward to dish-pan hands, ha !”
“You see all Matter converts to Anti-Matter some time or the other, Brother,”  Peggy Joy said good-naturedly.  “The Matter of green and dry grasses and grains go in at one end of a horse’s Universe and comes out as Anti-Matter horse dung to be heaped upon the Matter-Anti-Matter Universe of the Compost Pile to be used as Energetic Fertilizer to produce more living grasses and grains of Matter, and so on and so on.”
“God Particles and their Energetic Fields surround us everywhere, Big Brother,”  Peggy Joy teased.  Pointing at her Brother she said, “Oh Lordy !  Imagine that, Kyle, you’re a God Particle !”
“Not that it Matters if I crash into Matter-Anti-Matter !”  Kyle laughed.
Peggy Joy unexpectedly dropped her shovel and ran toward the stable‘s entryway saying, “Last one to the Compost Pile has to empty the wheel barrel all by their lonesome !”
“No fair, you’ve got a head start on me, Peggy Joy,”  Kyle said as he flew out of the entryway to catch up with her as quickly as he could.  Two laughing God Particles running toward the multi-versed Matter-Anti-Matter Compost Pile as fast as their Human Bodies would take them.


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