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The Grand Old Jacksonian Magnolia Tree
by Leah Sellers
2018-01-03 13:28:37
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Tim-berrrr !  Let her down easy, Boys !
That’s right !  The Old Jacksonian Magnolia Tree which has Graced the American White House’s Grounds for over 175 years, is being taken down this year.
She has undergone several Branch-Lifts and Trunk-Tucks, but the Old Magnificent Beauty is going to bloom with sweet fragrances and aromas from her large white Flowers, offer shade and succor to passing historical Administrations and Visitors, and inhale her last carbon dioxide filled Breath and exhale her last oxygenated life-giving Breath during the misogynistic, xenophobic, Climate Change denying. Give to the Rich and Take from the Poor, deliberate Chaos stirring and blurring, Chest thumping and harrumphing Administration of Trumpian-Bannonite Absurdities.
Alas !
magnol01_400But, take Heart and Heed !  The gentleman who planted her Seedling years ago was another misogynistic, xenophobic Chest Thumper, President Andrew Jackson.  Perhaps, he knew that the Magnolia Tree symbolizes the Divine Feminine.  That it also symbolized Love of Nature, Perseverance (which he had plenty of), Dignity, Nobility, Purity, The Life Force, Sweetness (which he had a distinct lack of) and Beauty (which he probably greatly appreciated).
However, he was the President who was primarily responsible for the Slaughter, the Trail of Tears and Imprisonment of thousands of Native Americans into Reservations (up-scaled, wilderness reserve Concentration Camps) to get them out of the way of the White Man’s Manifest Destiny.
After all White Men Own the Land they land set foot upon and claim.  Ching !  Ching !  DeHumanized  Heathens don’t.
So, perhaps it is better that the Grand Old Magnolia has had her day, and is finally being taken down, to perhaps make room for more Seedlings from her very own Magnificence to be Planted and take Root.  New Age Magnolia Trees which represent the Truer Strengths and Purposes of the Divine Feminine.
After years of Women hearing the Men they Love and Men they struggle with in Leadership positions and in Every Day Life say, “Grow a Pair !  Grow some Balls !  Ball Up !”
Perhaps, what the Earth and Humanity really need is for Men to Grow a
Pair !  Grow some Breasts !  Breast Up !”
Perhaps, what the World as a Whole is really more in need of in order to manifest a better Balance of Energies is the Creative and Fertile ebb and flow of the Mother’s Milk of Human and Planetary Kindness - of  Feminine Wisdom - of the Divine Feminine !
We will miss you Grand Old Magnolia, but your Seedlings will carry on your Namesake - your Legacy - and more brightly magnify and justify your Truer Magnificence and Gifts of Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body !  Let it Be !


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