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A Sequel to the Meaning of Christmas 2017
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-12-26 12:33:11
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This sequel to the previous on the meaning of Christmas and the Winter Saturnalia was partly inspired by the various perceptive comments on the same subject which came out in Ovi on Christams 2017. I wanted to pen downs some comments, and “get it off my chest,” so to speak but they turned into another article.

When I was growing up I remember seeing cards with these Christmas wishes: And a choir of angels sang: “peace on earth; good will to men.” I thought that peace and good will must have been another Christmas gift like all the others to be bestowed on men for the asking. Only later I realized that the statement represents one of the most egregious and disingenuous misrepresentations of the spirit of Christmas. How so?

For one thing, it makes it look as if peace and good will is there available for the asking and it is our fault if we don’t bother asking for it. But the proper translation from the gospel writing is this: “peace on earth to men of good will.” Which means that there is a condition for peace and it is good will, or the willingness to work for a more just and fair world. Only when that condition is fulfilled does peace follow as day follows night. As this Pope and others have repeatedly reminded us, believers and non believers, “if you want peace work for justice.” Today Pope Francis reminded us that to talk about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus as if they were on a tour of Egypt, and not as refugees, is to misinterpret the whole Christmas narrative.


Now if that is the case, if we detect no peace but strife and hatred in the world, and those who angrily inveigh against the absence of peace, especially evident at Christmas, then one must logically conclude that there are precious in this world few who are working for justice, or too many waiting for peace to arrive with Santa Claus on a sled. They may well be paying lip service to peace by simply deemphasizing it “justice” component. And that would be a sure sign that what is really going, despite the tinsels and the lights, it is not the spirit of Christmas but the Winter Saturnalia. Hence my proposal for a timely change of name. Forget near Eastern myths, let’s go back to our authentic old pagan customs, minus the piety of it all, of course. It’s all fund and games in our enlightened Western Civilization.

Nobody ever head of peace at the Roman Winter Saturnalia. They were about fun and relief from the winter boredom. If peace was heard it was within this context: “if you want peace prepare for war.” This was a famous Roman dictum. As we know well that the Romans while proclaiming Pax Romana, paradoxically, at the very moment The Prince of Peace was born, were constantly at war. During breaks they had lots of fun in the Winter Saturnalia, little justice and genuine peace.

Transposing what was happening at the time of Augustus and Caligula to what’s happening with Emperor Caligula Redivivus: we see peace being offered as a gift (to which as Thanos has pointed out few even bother showing up) but preparations of war are constantly going on as we speak. Shall we count them: World War I, II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I, II, Syria, Lybia, on and on and on. It shall never end, because the desire is not for peace and justice but for dominance and exploitation. Eventually, a whole people and a whole civilization reap the whirlwind of what they sawed. Case in point: the Roman Empire proclaiming Pax Romana. At least they were honest enough to confuse Christmas with the Saturnalia.


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