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My Lady Rabbit
by Jan Sand
2007-04-08 09:23:05
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Who can tell what thoughts might dwell
Within the shell of her pointed skull
Who's main function is to pivot those long jaws
With which, no pause, she gnaws all things proximate?

Her adventures with her dentures
Perforate my property,
Elaborate all straight edges
Into lacy wedges, into undulating decorations.
My pants, my sheets, my shoes have ventilations
And, from ankle to my knees
I am open to each vagrant breeze,
Stylistically in accord with Swiss cheese.
And yet, there is no rancor in the habits of my rabbit
Who is merely exercising her incisors
Understands genetics goad her into tooth frenetics
Chewing, nibbling, doing without quibbling
What her physiology demands.
My friends gaze upon my holey being
With raised eyebrows upon seeing
How my pet does beset my dress
But I confess my rabbit gives to me,
Along with mess, a minor sense of family.

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