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The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 27
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-12-16 10:49:03
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Week 27 - Columns 182-184 (December 10-16)
On the subjects of: who is Trumping Whom for Christmas, the problem with Trump’s supporters,
Shiff’s assessment of the Russian Collusion


Column 182

Who is Trumping Whom for Christmas?


I wonder how many have noticed a very bizarre political phenomenon going on as we speak. Christmas is in the air and will soon be here. The is an attempt on both Trump’s and Mueller’ part, in the jolly spirit of the season to serve each other with a Christmas present.

Trump is of course convinced that he, as president, is above the law, the law does not apply to him and he cannot be indicted for obstruction of justice; besides he can always pardon himself and his cronies if things get out of hand. But surely what be keeping him awake at night is that Mueller may actually come out with a surprise Christmas gift: indictments for obstruction of justice. Once those indictments are out, the will proceed proceed independent of who is in charge of the investigation even if Constitutional scholars disagree on whether or not a sitting president can be indicted.

So, the only remedy for Trump is to fire Mueller before he comes out with the indictements. I think he is already preparing the ground for that vis Fox New who now consideres Mueller a villain and a criminal. Stay tuned, it is bound to get more interesting by the day. Who will give the first gift?


Column 183

The Problem with Trump’s Supporters


It has been more than two years since Trump first descended the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president, but that doesn't mean the majority of Americans are any closer to understanding the mentality of his supporters. . In fact, it almost feels like the gap between those voters and the rest of America widens with each passing day. As the president continues to normalize views that any other modern American president would have condemned, he is also, by proxy, empowering his supporters to embrace their fringe beliefs. Those individuals no longer feel that they have to keep up the pretense of civility by meeting accusations with denials and relegating their thoughts to the darkest corners of the internet.

There has been an exponential spike in incidents, and that's only taking into consideration the high-profile individuals who have a platform on which to share their stories or events that end in police reports. Unfortunately, as the president continues to pull the "many sides" card, it's unlikely that this type of behavior will once again retreat into the shadows or be banished altogether to the realm of unacceptable behavior.

As indicated by polling released by PPP on August 23, Trump voters are no longer fearful of revealing their markedly false and often astonishingly hateful views. If you're still a skeptic that these sorts of mentalities exist, consider these four findings from the report:

Thirty-seven percent of all Americans thought African Americans were the most discriminated-against group in America, with eight percent saying Latino Americans, two percent saying Asian Americans, 14 percent saying Native Americans, and 21 percent saying white people. When it comes to strictly Trump voters, though, a staggering 45 percent said it was white people who faced the most discrimination - with 17 percent saying Native Americans, 16 percent saying African Americans, and five percent saying Latino Americans.

Forty-nine percent of all Americans felt that Muslims were the most discriminated-against group in America, with 29 percent saying Christians and eight percent saying Jews. Compare that against 54 percent of Trump voters saying Christians faced the most discrimination, with 22 percent saying Muslims and 12 percent saying Jews.

Thirty-nine percent of all Americans support monuments to the Confederacy, and 34 percent oppose them - but 58 percent do agree that they should be relocated and placed within historical context. Seventy-one percent of Trump voters, however, are in favor of keeping them up. A mere 10 percent object to the monuments, but it should be said that the spread places this as one of the most unified issues among Trump supporters to date.

Fifty-six percent of all Americans would rather have Barack Obama be president, whereas 21 percent would prefer Jefferson Davis - but it's worth mentioning that the percent of people who weren't sure on the answer to that question (23 percent) is higher than the Obama alternative. When it comes to Trump voters, though, 45 percent said Jefferson Davis, with 35 percent saying they weren't sure and a mere 20 percent saying Barack Obama.

Seven months after Trump took office, his base is not wavering. Trump supporters are becoming more forceful and more open about their views, and all polls across the board point to continued support, regardless of what the president does or does not do. This is what happened in Nazi Germany. Once Hitler assumed power the ugly incidents multiplied and became acceptable. Benjamin Franklyn has it on target: we have created a Republic; if you can keep it. It’s beginning to look doubtful. Let let’s not give to despair yet.


Column 184

Shiff’s Assessment of the Russian Collusion


Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., appeared on CNN lately has laid out the state of the investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in stark, simple terms:


Here is what we know:

The Russians offered help.
The Campaign accepted help.
The Russians gave help.
The President made full use of that help.

It should be added that numerous members of the Trump transition team apparently knew that Michael Flynn told the Russian ambassador to tell his government not to react to the sanctions the Obama administration had just imposed upon them. That's damning too. The Russians were essentially told, "Don't worry, we'll make sure you aren't punished for helping us win the presidency."

Whether laws were broken, beyond the charges filed so far against four top Trump advisers, we don't yet know. But it's clear that special counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing leads in a number of directions, from possible financial crimes to obstruction of justice to conspiracy. With former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying, and agreeing to cooperate, this investigation has moved beyond the campaign to the transition and the White House. It's very serious.

And as anyone could have predicted, it was inevitable that the president's supporters in the media and the Republican Party would start to push back and try to delegitimize the investigation by attacking Mueller. This is the usual pattern in these presidential scandals.


End of Week 27



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