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The 100 years between Kaarlo Juho Stahlberg and Timo Soini
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-12-06 11:44:46
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In 100 years Finland has gone a really long way. From an autonomous Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire to an independent democracy full EU member and all that through isolation and a very warm cold war that lasted more or less 70 years.

Finland’s independence foundations are not in nationalism or need for freedom but in fear and hate of a far-right establishment - mainly constituted by bankers and land squires – against the parading and winning communism in Russia. It is also marked with one of the bloodiest civil wars in the European history ands a series of inhuman crimes from the side of the nationalists “whites” against the rebelling “reds”.

finn1_400What followed was an alliance and comradeship with Europe’s nightmare, Nazi Adolf Hitler and after Hitler’s defeat Finlandization (the process by which one powerful country makes a smaller neighbouring country abide by the former's foreign policy rules, while allowing it to keep its nominal independence and its own political system); life under the shadow of the Russian bear and isolation. All these things are history and thanks to internet easy to check nowadays.

However from the first Finnish president, Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg, to the latest president, Sauli Niinistö - and especially after these 70 years of isolation - Finland seems somehow unready and uneasy to face the challenges of independence, multiculturalism and freedom feeling safer in the controlled isolation she was used to and actually is one of the reasons that created the myths of the best education system or the best welfare state.

When you have an absolutely controlled population – partly due to the isolation, partly due to the arctic climate - it is natural to have a perfect education system and nearly perfect welfare state, you can predict up to 99% your needs. But things are changing. Now Finland is a full member of EU, Finland has to deal with the reality of immigration, immigration beyond the refugees, immigration that covers even …love refugees.

But here comes another reality, Finland elected Sauli Niinistö for president, a dangerous conservative populist with strong Trumpist signs, Juha Sipilä for Prime Minister, a mild Trumpist, definitely another populist and for their partner, Timo Soini, a dangerous far-right xenophobe anti-EU populist with racist grassroots to support him.

Still all these things are part of the Finnish history, establishment and political reality but are not the only things that identify Finland. Neither is Nokia or the Angry Birds.  Finland is far more, it is the people and 100 years after the independence day time has come for these people to get the independence they deserve. Not the one that serves their banker masters the last 100 years.

Finnish people are NOT Sauli Niinistö and Timo Soini, Finnish people are NOT Jussi Halla-aho and the Pohjoismainen Vastarintaliike (Nazis). The Finnish people are not these ignorant and arrogant bullies we have met in the streets and bars of Helsinki and all the main Finnish cities. The Finnish people are nice, hospitable, generous, dignify, warm people. People who love nature and freedom and it is pity for them to let the few destroy their reputation. So perhaps, 100 years is enough, time for freedom and independence for the Finnish people.

Finland is a beautiful country with unique nature and if you have the chance to visit the countryside you falling immediately in love. Lapland is pure magic and the people in Lapland perhaps the most beautiful and warm souls in northern Europe. Finland doesn’t have pyramids or acropolis to impress you in first sight but living there you discover many pyramids and many acropolises hidden in the soft snow, the endless forests and thousands lakes.


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