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Eureka: How to keep your country safe
by Joseph Gatt
2017-09-30 11:56:07
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If you think human beings are peaceful beings, invite a man or a woman to your house and starve them for a few hours. You'll change your mind about human nature. So how do you avoid going to war? Here's a simple guide of what in my humble opinion will keep your country safe.

sec01_400_01First you need an army of winners. Not an army of losers. An army of losers is an army where people feel they are left behind in promotions, where they always seem to lack that extra promotion, where they always feel they are one rank below what they are supposed to be. An army of winners is an army where soldiers always feel they are one rank above what they should be. An army of losers is an army where only the top soldiers are celebrated. An army of winners is an army where everyone from the top to the bottom are celebrated.

In an army of losers soldiers dream of gaining ranks. In an army of winners soldiers dream of defending their country. Period.

Second you need to keep the environment clean for your neighbors. Excuse the toilet humor, but just as you would flush it down so the next person can find it clean, you want to keep the air clean for your neighbors. Your neighbors won't buy into your economic development excuse, or the fact that keeping the air clean for them would cost them a lot of money. Make sure you preserve your ecosystem, as well as that of your neighbors.

Third you need a political system that has politicians who are winners. Not politicians who are losers. Just like in the army, politicians are losers when only those at the top are celebrated. What happens in such cases is that top politicians will have teams who will try to sabotage them and their department to reach the top. In countries where politicians are losers, politicians at the top tend not to last long. They last a few months before their team pushes them out or drives them crazy. This leads to inconsistant laws and inconsistant policies, including domestic policy and foreign policy.

In a political system where politicians are winners, everyone's celebrated from the president to ministers to the interns. No one's left behind and everyone feels they are needed. Politicians tend to stick around longer and no one tries to sabotage them. That leads to healthy relations with other countries, and to more unity when being attacked.

Fourth you need healthy economic deals with foreign countries. Foreign businessess will lobby their governments not to go to war with you or to defend you in case of war, as well as to lobby countries that want to go to war with you to stay restrained. The idea is not to flood your country with foreign businesses, because in such cases business will be slow, many foreign businesses will fold and you will lose allies right there. You need to be strategic and to allow some businesses from different countries to thrive and make sure that no smart businessman lives a nightmare when doing business in your country.

Fifth and finally, you need healthy social relations between your people and people from different countries. You need to build social relations in the arts, in academia, in sports, in tourism and in friendship. But you can't rely solely on these. Actors come and go, dramas come and go, and few countries would refuse to go to war with you just because they like your country's cinema or music.

The idea is not to just prevent wars with your neighbors. The idea is also to build alliances with as many parties as possible. You don't want to focus on just one side and ditch the others. You need to have healthy relations with as many countries as possible. Hope this humble guide will prevent you from going to war, if possible ever. There are no good wars.

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Emanuel Paparella2017-10-01 00:14:16
On the other hand, one can build an empire as big as one quarter of the world, by being at war all the times and keeping the world safe for democracy, and freedom, and capitalism, and Romans, and Americans and Europeans, and of course, the civilization of the superior races. Some will recognize this statement as satirical, others will undoubtedly approve of it. It all depends one's philosophy on good old ingrained imperialism.

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