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Wash away my sins
by Abigail George
2017-10-03 10:29:31
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Wash away my sins

It started to rain and I
 wondered where you
where, Atom.
 Every sickness has a
abi01_400_09 Naked language. A
 When you come into
 this world, you’re not
prepared for anything.
 You’re not prepared
 For life, for living, for
 spirituality, for a church
 Gradually you gather these
 to you, towards you. You
 accumulate them like buried
treasure or something like that.

    A tear falls off this
cheek. That’s the mystery
 of life. In this dream, I am standing
 With Atom in a rain-forest
 Surrounded by space, matter,
 Beast, animal, nature, and
 Here the supernatural speaks
 To me through (man), and
 Woman and doomed child.
 That intrinsic struggle of life.
 My brother, my father, my mother,
 Our animals, our pets. Our
 Dogs, Atom’s kitten and the
World speaks to me of love,
Tenderness and vertigo and
I’m falling, falling, falling
   With open arms through

The blood-knot.
The opinion poll.
The years of darkness
That I thought would
Always be there, gone

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