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"a mad conclusion"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-03-27 10:02:08
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a mad conclusion for the rain,
caressed by the warm wind
that sailed from desert seas
and forest greens;

crossing an ocean’s plain,
to nourish by cloudy shrouds
a portion of life’s fertile soil,

a wicked way of determination,
creating two kingdoms, and
the need to hold one in check,
as power so does;
to conflict by chaos,
and arise in defiance,
trading places in civility,

by the nature of our manners,
we refuse to believe
that peace was solvable,
instead, admit it
to be our mystery,

after all, most likely,
it was just a jealousy
that was lent by fate;
to share the spaces in rain
that for awhile shaped

a mad conclusion
for our time.

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