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Erdogan's means
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-07-29 10:56:21
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The end justifies the means is a dogma often followed by politicians and states to serve their geopolitical interest, habitually using the German definition: “realpolitik”. German, because it was the Germans who first openly used it in their relationship with Russia and East Germany. Did it work? Nobody will ever really know. Perhaps it was one of the elements that made the fall of the Wall between West and East Germany smoother; perhaps it only paved commercial talks that never really ended. Too many ifs to say for sure, but it became – at least in theory - an alternative solution into a situation where two opposite and antagonistic sides tolerate each other under the fear of a worst evil.

erd01_400Middle East has for long been one of the most unbalance areas on earth; a place for conflicts in the waiting or unveiling, a place where alliances change from day to day. And this were the west needed mostly realpolitik. And this is the part where Turkey came and remained for over a century.

A Muslim country with strictly secular state and a short-of western style urban society which was too often too ready to stop any kind of opposition that would threaten this status quo. While Turkey was all that, the same time – and for a variety of reasons including economic - eventually transformed into the local constable that inspired a certain level of fear with a little help (mainly armament) from her western friends and the eye and voice of the mighty west in the Middle East.

More cynically the West used Turkey as pawn in the Middle East game of conflict and interests paying them to police and protect its eastern boarders from radicalism and bribed the Turkish politicians to promote western “values” and practises - divide and rule, among others –in the Middle East political arena. After all most of the Middle East is “creation” of the colonism and interest never ceased to exist.

Leaving aside the fact that with Israel, Iran and Syria in the neighbourhood and a few Russian interests floating here and there, it was all working well with Turkey despite occasional “adjustments” – banana republic style – in the government. And then came Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Erdoğan served the game as long the game served him, and I’m not talking about Turkey’s interests but his interests, his ambitions and his pocket. A corrupted dictator with the support of a poor and to its majority poorly educated republic easy victim to a populist nationalist with authoritarian ambition and practises. A hitlerian figure who has imprisoned or bullied all his opposition and rules the country weaponing the people’s nationalism and transforming it in the name of a dead empire to an imperialistic army that threatens all middle east. An evil man who must been stopped not only for the good of the peace in the area but also for the good of all the people in the neighbourhood and Turkey.

The man, just like Saddam before him, acts a veiled genocide against the Kurds and he does so arrogantly often invading Iraq and Syria. A man who wants to expand the Turkish boarders wherever there is petrol and just like Saddam tried to steal Kuwait, Erdoğan tries to steal north Iraq and west Syria. His arrogance and his confidence goes to such extremes that he believes that through the Turkish immigrant in Europe he can even manipulate countries like Germany, Austria and Holland. The only thing he will manage is to punish further his compatriots in those European countries and make them easy victim to every xenophobe. But he doesn’t care, you see for Erdoğan …the end justifies the means and the means for him is a caliphate with his as the sultan from Vienna till Mecca.

Erdoğan must be stopped and the best way to be stopped is for the west to stop considering him as a tool, a pawn, a partner in geopolitical games. Isolate him in his mega palace, stop his access to north Iraq and Syria, stop his access to the Italian and Swish banks, stop his access to Mediterranean and remind him that Cyprus is not an lonely island in nowhere but a full member of the European Union. And remind him the hard way. For the rest the democratic people of Turkey will take care. Is not the first time in their history they had to deal with a butcher who thought that he was the sultan of the world.

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