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Idiots playing war
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-03-24 10:29:24
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There is no doubt that everybody plays war games in the Gulf and that the protagonists are the Anglo-Americans from one side and the Iranians from the other. There is no doubt that the Iranians want to show that they are a power everybody should take seriously. Not so much for the Americans and the British, but for the local powers that they want to dominate and, this minute in the Middle East, things are changing and everybody wants to establish territory with Iran being the first.

What followed and what was before the American invasion of Iraq, including the controversy and with an unknown yet result, the attack of Israel on Lebanon, the turn of Syria to milder politics following international pressure and the change of guards in the Israeli policy has naturally influenced the whole of the Middle East. If you add to that the more active involvement of Saudi Arabia's with Palestinian issues then the only one missing is a religious dictatorship to give more color to all this mess.

Iran, from its side, has its own problems; an old-fashioned religious dictatorship with a hysterical puppet president to show a bit of civilian face among all of these clerics with no personality. It sees that it has no influence in the area and the only followers they can grab are fanatical losers thirsty for blood with no sense of what peace means. They want to bring some legitimacy to a myth that only they believe, that they are a superpower. First they make all this fuss with the nuclear plant and we are not planning to build a nuclear bomb. Then they guarantee Iraq’s security while they arm the rebels and inflame the spirits for a civil war and the latest is the capture of fifteen British navy personnel on the claim that they were in …Iranian waters.

I’m not a strategies expert and I’m definitely not anywhere near the incident, but common logic says that a small boat that was patrolling the Iraqi waters to stop smugglers under the orders of the UN is not preparing an invasion of Iran. Now, according to the latest events in Iraq, Iran has agreed to guarantee Iraq’s security and road to democracy letting its people to decide what kind of democracy they want. Guaranteeing the security includes security of the waters and the protection of smugglers. Let’s take now the worst case scenario that the British boat did cross the line and it was some kilometers inside Iranian waters, since this boat was investigating a suspicious ship for smuggling, but instead of arresting the British personal that did their work would they …help them with their research?

That’s what I mean when I feel a bitter taste about the whole incident. Obviously it was exactly what the British claim to be otherwise for the last twenty-hours we would have seen videos and the puppet president screaming from a balcony that they arrested spies. So what is left is that an idiot admiral believed the myths and preaching of the clerics, believed that Iran is a superpower and tried to show it by fooling around with a boat not daring to do the same with an equal navy ship. Soon we are going to hear that everything was a …misunderstanding, the British navy men were treated very well and they are on their way home and, of course, the idiotic admiral will most likely take a medal from an idiotic president.

The question is what will happen the next time an idiotic admiral will do the same and what will happen if the next time the British or the American boat is not what it says it is, but it really is spying or doing something equally questionable. Are we going to see the Gulf once more in flames? After all, throughout history idiots are the ones who start the wars!

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