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FREE! porn
by FREE! Magazine
2007-03-23 09:39:37
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FREE! porn. This is probably one of the most popular searches in Google. Many of our readers might be surprised to see this month’s cover story devoted to the porn industry. Some will argue that porn is not culture, but we don’t want to enter into that debate. The fact is that we live in times of extreme sexual frankness: sex toys are out of the closet and porn is more accessible than ever. Let’s spice up the start of spring!!!

Our cover story aims at giving a glimpse into the porn industry in Finland. Even when being a relatively small market, there are several native stars with interesting opinions to be heard. The small size of the market also makes it perfect for new genres and trends in making porn films, such as amateur commercial short films.

The music market in Finland is also small, but Finnish bands are ready to jump overseas. Some days ago, several bands traveled to Austin, Texas, to participate in the South by Southwest festival - this must be one of the largest music festivals in the world. Over one week, it unites hundred of bands of any style and origin. Eleven bands from Finland played there: Callisto, Lodger, KTU, I Walk the Line, Rubik, Astrid Swan, Lapko, Disco Emsemble, Irina Bjorklund & Peter Fox, 22-Pistepirkko and The Crash. This is a good example that Finnish rock music is something other than Lordi.

In this issue you will read about the band Rubik discussing their debut album only a few days before leaving to the United States. Before traveling to Texas, Kimmo Pohjonen (of KTU) also spoke to FREE! Magazine. He is an interesting character who spans different genres with his accordion, from folk to avant garde, when not scoring music for films.

Don’t stop there! You will find many more fascinating topics on comics, exhibitions, opera, historical figures, curiosities and cinema, plus the best tips for your FREE! time.

Whether you decide to relax and watch some porn or prepare your schedule for the massive number of summer festivals, we are sure that spring will be an exciting warming up season for you. Of course, full of FREE! experiences!

FREE! Magazine

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