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Lonely walker Lonely walker
by Gordana Mudri
2019-06-24 08:46:58
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How many miles have you passed? Have you ever noticed how time is disappearing in this chaotic race? Have you ever stopped just for a moment asking yourself who you really are; is this the path you should follow? The road full of obstacles someone put in front of you, and you were just walking asking no questions.

lonelywalker01_400You were running, you were crawling swallowing the pain, for some imposed goals. You solved all the tasks, pushing through the storms, taking every step just to go on.

How many words have you said in vain? Has anyone listened to your screams or your whispers? Did anyone care?

On this steep mountain, you have always walked alone.

And now you are going down the slope.

And your steps have no echo.

Only the ominous silence follows you to the edge of the abyss. And all the words are forgotten.

Nothing has left in this endless emptiness, even the scream, which tears apart your soul, remains trapped in your throat.

The last trace of light is dying in a fiery swirl of colours and cold darkness is storming behind your back, wiping your traces. You can feel its deadly breath that pushes you closer to the edge.

All your thoughts were gone and you are just walking to the inevitable end.

There is nothing you can say. There is no one who could hear you.

Alone, you are breathing the last breaths. Your shadow is sliding into the embrace of finality.

Have you ever existed?

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