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Go Forth, and Let Us Prey!
by Leah Sellers
2017-06-01 11:25:58
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“Yes, Brothers and Sisters, my God, and therefore your God, is a God of Vengence and Protection.  Protective Vengence !  Halleluiah !  So, Arm yourselves !
“Go forth, and Open Carry !  All you Pistol-Packin’ Mamas and Papas, Daughters and Sons of God’s Wrath !
broike01_400“Go forth, and Conceal Carry !  Because what your Righteously Chosen Targets can’t see comin’ works to your and your Vengeful God’s righteous advantage !  Amen !
Go forth, and buy as many glorified, justified and sanctified Guns and Killing Machines as you can afford to own, and put on credit, because God’s Protection and His Vengence are your Fortress and your Fortitude !  Your Tower of Power !
Yes, Brothers and Sisters, Daughters and Sons, be filled with gratitude for the Protective Vengence of Our Lord !
Go forth, and build a World of Targets looking for Other Targets to Shoot, Maim and Kill !  Amen !
Go forth, and Build a World of perpetuated Hatreds and Fears that make you Trigger Happy Pistol Packers for the Lord !  Open Carry and Conceal Carry the Lord’s Vengence and Protection upon all the Hateful, Scary World !  Halleluiah !
Glorify, Justify and Sanctify all of the maimed and dead bodies you leave in your bloody wake for We are The Children - We are the glorified, justified and sanctified People of a Vengeful God !  Amen !
Vengence is His Holy Name and is who and what He is, One and the Same, Brothers and Sisters, Daughters and Sons of our Supreme Lord !  We must strive to Be just as Hate-filled, Fear-Filled and Protectively Vengeful as He is each and every day of our Violent Lives !
It is His glorified, justified and sanctified Vengence that you Openly and Conceal Carry into the World bearing His Power and His Will upon all who befall you, and Fall before you !
This is Our God’s Legacy to You !  His Circle of Death !  Halleluiah !
Arm yourselves, Brothers and Sisters, Daughters and Sons of God’s glory !  Do it in the Name of Our Vengeful God !  For He is a jealous God !  A God of Rage and Rancor !
Fire your guns and use all other Killing Machines in his murderously glorious, justified and sanctimonious Name !  Hallowed be His name and your Aim !  Amen !
Walk and Shoot in the knowledge that only the quick and deadly Shooters of this Hate-filled and Fear-filled World, shall inherit this Earth !
Now, raise your muzzles high and Howl to the Lord, your primordially Vengeful God !  Howl to His forever Blood Red Moon !
Remove the Safeties on your Guns, Bretheren and Sisteren !
Hold your Pistols and your Rifles high and Shoot the bats out of our Church’s belfry !  Let your bullets and the bats fly !
Shoot straight and true as we all Howl our Primal Prayers and Sibulent Songs to Our God of Protective Vengence !  The God we all Worship, Implore and Adore !
As we Meditate upon all We abhor and long to bore with a Chosen Righteous Bullet or two !
Praise Your God !  Praise His and Your rising Hatreds !  Praise His and your rising Fears !  Praise His and Your rising Protective Vengence !  Howl those Praises out for all to Hear !
Hold these Cherished Ideals to your Heart !  Bind them to your Souls !  And let us leave the glorious sanctity of Our House of God and glut our Vengence by filling a few UnWorthy, Hate inducing, Fear producing carcasses full of righteously placed bullet holes !
Can I get an Amen and a Halleluiah, Brothers and Sisters, Daughters and Sons, as we pass the Golden Tithing Plate ?!
Kapow !
“Wait !  Wait !  Who just put a bullet hole through Our Church’s Golden Tithing Plate ?!  Who shot it right out of this Holly Man’s Hands ?!
Vengence is mine saith the Lord, and I am the Lord’s fully loaded, Pistol Packin’ Holy Handy Man !
And no one leaves this auditorium until I have the culprit well in Hand !
Brothers and Sisters, Daughters and Sons, let us all reverently Bow our heads, Cock our Pistols and Hunt Our Prey!
Halleluiah and Amen !
Yes, Let Us Prey !”


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