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An American Cult and it's messiah in Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-05-28 11:49:42
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For the first time in his political career, Donald Trump in his visit to the new NATO headquarters and Brussels, decided to follow a book to the letter. The book is called: “How to frustrate and anger your European allies”. There is also an addition to this book, “how to disregard any guilt from your allies when they turn against you”. In both books, Trump did an excellent job. He has manage to enrage allies in Europe, especially Germans, and he has taken away any sense of guilt that the Europeans might feel towards to the American people when Europe will turn her back to America.

A lot of Americans might not like it, but Donald Trump this moment shapes and constitutes American policies abroad bringing friends or allies all around the world to the position where they either have to accommodate or neglect these policies. The problem with Trump’s policies is that they are not the ones of the “leader of the free world”, but the ones of a want-to-be-global-dominator who sees the rest of the world serving America’s Trump-centered interests that have absolutely nothing to do with global democracy, peace or prosperity and a lot to do with Trump’s personal financial portfolio.

nato01_400_01With his speech and attitude in the new NATO headquarters, Donald Trump established two things Europeans consciously and intentionally denied for too long. First, America is ruled by an arrogant and ignorant bunch of rednecks and this is the reality for the years to come whatever consequences this will have to global peace and economy. Secondly, Europe has to accept as a fact that USA and Europe are in a peculiar, mainly economic state of war and that’s because of one man and a bunch of ignorant, idiotic but dangerous rednecks around him.

An important note before I continue. Trump will find allies in Europe, especially among the east Europeans who should have never fully joined EU members when they did. The problem Trump cannot see is that these allies practice finlandization. They will align with him as long as they think he is strong. The moment they will see his weaknesses or the moment they will sense that EU is stronger than him, they will not just abandon him, they will betray him. But that remains to be seen.

Americans have history in isolation and self-centrism, it’s just that it never succeeded to become national policy; till now. The most noticeable example it is the pro-WWII era and it was Franklin Roosevelt who stopped it. During that period a lot of Americans believed that USA should never meddle in the “European war” and that Hitler actually was doing good fighting the …Russian communists. We should never forget that even when it comes to the Holocaust, Americans refused to believe that it was happening and they refused asylum to Jews trying to escape from the Nazi horrors in late 1930s early 1940s. This is part of the American history aside with the Japanese concentrations camps, Americans intentionally ‘forget’.

Donald Trump and the bunch of rednecks that represent American “values” and policies this minute inwards and abroad, are in every single aspect the stereotype the rest of world has for the American rednecks. Oddly, stereotypes that root in American television. A bunch of semi-barbaric ignorant people who live isolated. Believers of a Christian cult that wants them blessed by a trigger-happy god and a Christ who discovered America before Columbus, a god who hates everything non-American and carries a riffle. Roped in myths from a past that have absolutely no touch with reality, good with cows, pigs, chickens, homemade bourbon and pistols. Constantly paranoid, they don’t like outsider ‘intruders’, believers that the outside world is habituated by reincarnations of devil and the same time thrive to show to the rest of the world how superior they are in their …Christianity.

Actually USA this moment is ruled by a cult with a leader who has one and only one aim, to be the richest man in the world. The man was always undoubtedly rich, but not as rich as he wanted to project. He was never the billionaire he said he was. Well, now and the way he’s handling American “values”, he is going to be trillionaire.

To return to his visit in the new NATO headquarters, Trump’s speech and his in general attitude followed by his meeting with the G7 in Italy, was a disaster and an embarrassment as it was predicted by many. Leaving aside the laughable show the Trump clan gave in front the Pope in Vatican, from the minute he opened his mouth in Brussels to the moment he barbarically pushed Montenegro’s Prime Minister to get the first place in front the cameras, Donald Trump insulted not only the European leadership but every single sense of dignity, alliance and partnership representing the relationship between Europe and USA.

First of all for one more time he proved that he and his court are absolutely ignorant on how NATO works. An issue that actually makes you wonder what short of experience and edification these people have. Trump actually lied in the face of people who have decades of experience in public service – doesn’t matter if they represent left or right – and most importantly, they have full knowledge on how institutions their countries participate, like NATO, work.

There is a certain logic on how and why the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949, a period when the world was trying to recover from a devastating WWII that had destroyed Europe, the United Nations were trying to reestablish itself and EU was just a theory. And it continued based mainly in cold war spirit. However and during this period, NATO evaluated into a weapons supermarket mainly controlled by the Americans. USA was the one over equals, member of NATO, since it was also one of the two superpowers and in control of the western nuclear arsenal. Taking these in account, allies and partners felt obliged to pay – literally pay – their “respect” and protection from the superpower buying American war planes, tanks, weapons and anything else for their defenses occasionally with disastrous consequences for their economy. Best example Greece which spent an enormous amount of money in late 1980s – adding critically in today’s debt – to buy over a hundred American F16 instead of the much cheaper French Mirage and German-British Panavia Tornado or American tanks instead of the superior and much-much cheaper German Leopard.

The point is that Greece was not the only NATO member that has “paid her respects” to the super-member super-protector USA by buying American products, every other member has done the same including the French and the Germans who have their own production to cover their needs. Plus all NATO countries have participated in all “American wars” from Korea to Vietnam contributing with blood. The Europeans accepted all this exchange – it is actually bribe – because despite the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, Russia remains the “other side” and especially now with Putin it has return to the “aggressive other side”. For the fear of the Russians the European feel NATO as one of the most valuable international institutions they participate and it all comes to article 5 of the alliance. The article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty, requires every member state to come to the aid of any member state subject to an armed attack. Oddly the article has been invoked only ones during the 70 years history of the alliance and it was from the Europeans after the September 11 attacks in USA.

However and despite the fact that every speaker – including German Chancellor Merkel and NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg – emphasis to the meaning and commitment of the members to the article 5, Donald Trump refused to do the same indirectly blackmailed the allies that if they don’t start investing in defense there is no …article 5. And he did so adding a huge-huge (to use Trump language) lie. It is true that the member states have committed long time ago to spend 2% of their GDP. But first of all this is a volunteered commitment and not must-do obligation for been a member and secondly there is no rule that this 2% will go to …American hands as Trump thinks.

Actually Donald Trump thinks that he will fulfil a campaign promise to the American people to bring jobs back by using NATO allies. And he thinks that because he sees NATO as one of his golf clubs, confusing membership with alliance. The problem here is not how he sees NATO and his European allies but that he actually acts on his illusive perceptions. His reaction to the allies’ visual dismissal was to claim that “Germans are really bad” and “we will stop buying German cars”. And he said that in a meeting with the EU President Jean-Claude Juncker believing in some weird god that there is no chance that Juncker will not leak it to everybody.

But he also had to show his racist face in Brussels by not agreeing with the allies that refuges have human rights that should be respected. Actually it was exactly this disagreement that wrecked the whole meeting. After that we all saw that the American administration doesn’t believe in climate change and it got from worse to worst in every single level with two highlights. The first one had to do with Melania’s behavior to him which attracted a lot of smiles and his declaration that he had been Macron’s supporter – the new French P{resident – from the beginning obviously believing that twitter is something that stops in the US boarders and nobody else can read what he writes.

This trip has been a show of an American religious clan’s messiah like too many others we have seen from time to time. An embarrassment and a disaster for American global policies; definitely a shake for allies especially in Europe. Adding this week’s, press leaks about the Trump’s clan connections with Russia, the leaks regarding the Israeli informant to the Russians, the FBI leaks about the Manchester events, the leaks of his conversations with his comrades in arms murderous dictators like Rodrigo Duterte and a few others, Trumps trip to Europe was eye opening for the Europeans.

Trump is a non-trustworthy corrupted and hostile competitor pretending ally with authoritarian view of the world and criminal connections (in his case the Russian connection). His philosophy is the one of a cult with him in its center and what characterizes him is thirst for power, global domination and money – a lot of money. Therefor, USA has a leader with a price tag as the Saudi Arabians proved before his visit to Europe where they total played him.

As far the Europeans, time to talk seriously about Euro-defense and the euro-army, both postponed for too long yielding under the pressure of NATO and former USA presidents under their commitment to the European security with or without a bribe.


A member of the US administration while in Saudi Arabia expressed himself enthusiastically in front of the fact that there are no demonstrators there. He probably also admires that there are no human rights in Saudi Arabia or freedom of speech.


Donald Trump called the terrorists: “losers” and he thinks that this will have some effects without taking in account that the majority of his redneck voters are losers but they still made him president.


A Republican candidate for a U.S. congressional seat in of Montana assaulted barbarically a journalist who wanted to make a question. Greg Gianforte is now the elected congressman of Montana. The new democratic values of USA, sponsored by Trump College of Ethics.


Two men have died in the US trying to stop a man abusing two women of Muslim appearance, Oregon police say. The abusive man turned on the two men and fatally stabbed them in the city of Portland, police said. The incident happened on a commuter train. Another passenger was wounded before the attacker was arrested. No comment here. Again, Trump’s great school of ethics.


Near the end of his visit to Europe, Donald Trump said that he’s trying hard to find ways for a friendly trade negotiation with the Europeans. Only Chancellor Markel needed to tell him eleven times during his visit to the new NATO headquarters that no trade negotiation or agreement happens separately with any of the European states, it has to be done with EU as a Union. He never got it!


Last but not least. Every single politician in Europe who has attracted Trump’s support or openly has shown any agreement or admiration to his policies and example has failed big when election time came. Even a lot of the nationalists and euro-sceptics think of him as …dangerous.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-05-28 14:23:39
Dear Thanos, since we have expatiated rather extensively on the same topic for this particular issue, let’s continue the friendly dialogue, if you don’t mind.

I agree with most of what you say and I think I fully understand your frustration with a boor like Trump claiming to be the leader of the free world whom I have dubbed “Caligula Redivivus” in some of my writings on the topic.

Some of your points are right on target; that of finlandization for instance. On both sides of the Atlantic there are those Machiavellian opportunists whom I call “the friends of the good times” who will be loyal and friendly as long as the good times last, or as long as the other to whom they pay psychophantic omage remains powerful, but come the times of crisis and they are nowhere to be found. Mythology points to the fact that this has been a feature of human nature from time immemorial. But there is another side to the coin.

I’ve mentioned this before but perhaps it’s worth repeating here: when I go back to Italy as somebody born there, with an American father, with Italian cousins, with a naturalized American citizenship, invariably I encounter frustrated relatives who will angrily and aggressively interrupt a friendly conversation and exclaim “…you Americans….” and one can fill in the dots with any familiar epithet one wishes. They are getting it off their chest, as the saying goes, and using me as a convenient at hand target. Usually, if I think it’s worth-while to continue the conversation, I in turn interrupt them with a brusque “which Americans?” Sometimes they are a bit taken aback at my sudden interruption and demand to know what exactly I meant by that statement, and then I have to point out to them that “there are Americans and there are Americans…” that democracy, on both sides of the Atlantic, and even around the wide world, is a self-perfecting and self-correcting system. Ultimately, it either saves itself, or it destroys itself when it abandons its principles and ideals, its underpinning of checks and balances, turning from a republic of virtue to one of corruption. When it has corrupted itself, no amount of alliances and/or military-economic power will rescue her. She will be doomed.

Should you now ask “what is the point you’re making with this banal personal anecdote? What does it have to do with important geo-political considerations,” I will dare to simply respond with a prophecy, albeit I disclaim any claims to being an oracle of any sort; I am simply going by the compass of previous historical events: the skeptics about the American experiment will be offered in the not too distant future the recurring spectacle of democracy correcting itself and impeaching or retiring such an abysmal loser from its presidency. It has happened before; it was called Watergate and the retired president in question was named Richard Nixon.

As alluded in my article today, the United States was born with a wise warning by Benjamin Franklin which went like this: “Gentlemen, the choice is simple, either we hang together as thirteen united colonies, or we shall hang separately.” Good advise, I dare say, even today on both sides of the Atlantic, concerning the Atlantic Alliance, NATO and the EU, not to speak of the US itself where indeed democracy hangs in the balance as we speak. Please, wish us luck, we will need it, for the stakes are high indeed. I wish you the best on that side too.

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