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Shall this Mandate Be Denied
by David Sparenberg
2017-05-14 11:50:35
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Tell me—Is it only a dream?  A land of justice and freedom, where the air is clean, the waters clean, the soil clean and rich  Where people can eat and drink in good health, without worry of hunger or thirst  Where people hug trees and dance and sing without hiding from fear, without the politics of hatred and fear, without cowering before threats of terrorists and holocaust, and the specter of annihilation, and the imminence of extinction.
davy01_400_04Is it only a dream to long for peace  Only a dream to wed beauty and goodness, to live ripely and age in reverence and tranquility  To be confident in the well being and joy and spontaneites of play and integrity of child
Is all that is dignified in diversity, that is decency and worthy of life and Earth and vision-questing of humanity—is it nothing more than a dream  A dream of idealist-fools, of musicians and young lovers, of poets and of dancers in mandalas and circles and spirals and trances
What then are we?  What then are you?  What then am I?  Are we truly slaves  Robbers  Killers  Desecrators  Nothing beyond  And nothing more  Or are we the dreamers of the good and wholesome dreams of freedom and compassion, of justice, biotic justice, and of peace
Tell me, not what you have rehearsed in your compromised head  Rather what is on fire there and what you feel in your beating heart and between the tears, the blood red wine of tears, of your breathing and your rebellious soul
Tell me!  Telll me—do we dream together until our dreams come true  Or do we wait while the hourglass empties, the curfew is dictated, and the sun sets around us underneath the shadows of towering walls

Nightmares?  Or dreams?


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