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The Sound of Trumpism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2017-04-17 10:18:57
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“The White House has insisted the President’s planned visit to London this fall include a carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth II down “the Mall,” a strip that leads to Buckingham Palace,” The Times of London reported.

If it was not Donald Trump, if it was not in the “house” of the oldest monarchy in Europe and if that was not his only demand, you would think that …this is fake news and ignore it. But it is true as it is also true that Donald Trump wants to “avoid” meeting with Prince Charles (prefers meeting with William and Harry) during his official visit to UK sometime this fall and after Theresa May’s invitation. The reason behind this “avoidance”? Prince Charles has been seriously critical to Trump’s environmental decisions.

Donald Trump is dreaming for a royal ride in a gold-plated carriage, with Queen Elizabeth II next to him, along the mall from the Royal Mews to Buckingham Palace with crowds cheering him. Pity he didn’t ask for Peter Pan flying over. That would be a spectacular show.

But it is Donald Trump, the child dictator of USA and nothing should surprise anybody anymore. I actually expect to see military parades, North Korean style, in Washington D.C. for the 4th of July this year. Still this is not the worse.

hate01_400_02Do you remember Julie Andrews and the film The Sound of Music? I’m sure most of you have watched it. If you remember, in the general plot there is a boy the oldest daughter of the Von Trapp family has fall in love with. While the Nazis conquer every aspect of the Von Trapp’s life, this boy from the sweet hearted and love-struck youth, turns into a hard-core Nazi who in the end betrays his love and her family in the name of the supreme leader and the swastika.

Then you might remember something I often emphasize, especially when I write about Finland. The problem is not with the laws. The laws might show the most democratic and liberal state in the world but reality comes with the ones who apply these laws and there you might find that the most liberal law can be paraphrased into an authoritarian, dictatorial rule that discriminates and actually destroys lives.

What I find more distractive in what’s happening today in USA is not just Donald Trump, Bennet, Ivanka and the rest of the white-supremacists, prejudice, lying gang that has landed in the White House, but the social disturbance USA is dealing with whilst focusing on the child emperor and his gang. The denial under Trump’s behaviour. I actually find that Donald Trump’s behaviour is used as an excuse for the deeper problems USA is dealing with and sifting power in 2018 or even changing president in 2020 will not cure anything.

hate02_400Contradicting everything said and written the only kind of crimes that has dramatically increased the last few months in USA are hate-crimes, discrimination-crimes, crimes motivated from race and sexuality. Even terrorist acts are motivated from racism and discrimination (the terrorist attack on black men in New York). Comparing the number of organized hate-groups that act in USA since 2015 with what’s going on in the Middle East gives a totally different picture to the one we see in the surface. Since 2015 there was an increase of 197% in total number of anti-Muslim groups. This moments there are 663 anti-governmental groups in USA, all fully armed. There are 130 Ku-Klux-Klan active and fully armed. (The numbers from SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center). According to the same institute since February 2017 and after Trump’s inauguration, 1.064 hate crimes have been reported. The word reported strictly underlined because we all know that only 40% of the incidents end in an official report.

I don’t live in USA and there is absolutely no day I don’t see in my local news-agency a black boy beaten from the police, an Indian looking American woman insulted, a Latino American threaten. No a bloody day. Actually if you check news outlets from all around the world, among their top news there is always one that includes a violent incident in USA motivated from race, religion or sexuality.

Now, I’m sure there is no executive order for all these crimes and there is no shadow-government under Bennet that gives specific orders to beat, harass even kill non-white Americans, - because this is where we have end up, to talk about white and non-white America – at least I’m 98% sure but there is obviously a certain spirit that arms and motivates these people. Most importantly the very same spirit guarantees their impunity.

I’m sorry but when I see a policeman beating on the head a young boy – I don’t care of the boy is black or white but it makes it far more painful when ii is black – then my mind is not going to USA but to Erdogan’ Turkey, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Ayatollahs’ Iran and definitely Putin’s Russia.

I was reading a few days before that the Democrats are getting over Chicago. That was under photos of a young black American kicked on the head from a policeman. So …big deal if the democrats took over Chicago and big deal if they will take over the Capitol Hill in November 2018. USA has changed to something monstrous that eats it from inside and while everybody seems to care about Ivanka’s involvement in the latest bombing in Syria, people die in the streets of USA victims of hate and division that might …might Trump didn’t start and it will definitely will not finish with him.

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Emanuel Paparella2017-04-17 15:24:31
Indeed Thanos, racism is one of the unresolved problems in America and all men of good will, no matter their race, ought to work at stamping it out, but it is also an unresolved problem in many white nations in the world. They just may know yet; but they may be afflicted by it. It's waiting to express itself.

The refugee problem may be a socio-geo-political problem of enormous proportion but it is also a problem of racism. It just never came up in a country like Hungary or even Austria, or the Netherlands, because they were racially lily white all along, till the refugees arrived and discovered that the word apartheid is a Dutch word. But their anti-Semitism should have alerted them to it.

I would suggest that there are other causes for our social problems and have to do with distributive justice. Those may need to be considered as well in a wide context.

Just consider that if you subtracted from Trump’s column all of the voters who had also previously voted for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton surely would have won. Those people did not vote for Trump for racial reasons.

Also consider this headline from CNN: “Math is racist: How data is driving inequality.” It sounds absurd, but if we cannot consider math neutral and universal applying equally to all races, then indeed there is no hope left for our civilization. In fact, the loss of the sense of the True, the Good and the Beautiful that your ancestors, the ancient Greeks, also our civilizational ancestors, bequeathed to our Western Civilization may in the long run turn out to be the bigger problem; bigger than even racism I dare say.

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