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Political Science 101
by David Sparenberg
2017-04-05 07:42:44
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The first principle of Capitalism is profit before people.  Profit equates with property and thereby the first principle of Capitalism places property above people for the furtherance of exclusionary profit.

polit01_400_02The first principle of Socialism is people before profit.  As such, within a socialist framework, property is for the maintenance and betterment of the engaged citizenry.
The first principle of Democracy is one citizen one vote.  This means that government of the people and by the people is for the people, and the well being of people is recognized as a fundamental social value.
Socialism, more specifically Humanist Socialism, is compatible with Democracy, together sharing a number of social guarantees such as health care, just wages and representation, affordable housing, community amenities and education.
A socialist politic champions progressive public programs, projects and public works that benefit the citizens of a society.  A socialist politic within a democratic society of governance of the people, by the people and for the people, is directed toward beneficial responsibility without discrimination.
Capitalism, placing profit and property as profit first, posits competition as a cynical core dynamic of Democracy while moving away from actual Democracy the more efficiently it enforces exploitation, oppression, selective hording and discrimination.
While Humanist Socialism holds the goal of its vision of achievement as inclusive, responsible Democracy, that is Socialist Democracy, profiteering Capitalism intentionally furthers Oligarchy and Fascism--a ruling elite and a collusion between, with eventual full scale union of, political power and corporate financial domination.
While Socialism strives to respond to all true needs and Democracy seeks to open itself to all, Fascist Capitalism works perpetually to relegate and control every aspect of individual and public life.  This includes the terms of production, labor, residence and communication.   Through a distorted patriarchal prejudice, Fascist Capitalism even extends the regulations of production to intervention and control of reproduction. Primary functions of Fascism are social reductionism, particularly through bombastic propaganda, and world order militarization.

I would put forward the perception that successfully functioning Humanist Socialism and successfully functioning Socialist Democracy can, in the will of the people, provide steps toward realizing what Gandhi identified as the creative anarchy of our species' evolution.  Here Gandhi is holding to the conviction that freedom is an assertive human instinct.  Fascism has visibly peaked in the anti-freedom regimes of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler; once more in apartied South Africa; and is overtly revealed to the world in the current American administration with its gang of snakes in suits, corporate bullies, thugs and racist ideologues.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-04-05 09:05:06
The above is a clear-eyed view of Kant great ethical maxim: "Never treat others as a means to an end but as ends in themselves."

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