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The Ghost Monument
by Jan Sand
2007-03-16 10:12:44
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In lower Manhattan there is a huge empty space that hovers over this overexcited city, a double column of nothingness that puts quotation marks on the beginning of an evaluation our world culture that still is unfinished in its statement.

That voice emanates from a confused horrifying babble with several dominating strident overtones. From the western source comes a cry of anguish, a continuous wail over the innocents that were slaughtered one ordinary morning for the crime of merely reporting for their daily work. The vanished buildings were huge and now that scream which does not stop remains equally as huge to power an engine for revenge and justice felt around the entire world.

There is little doubt that the engine stood finished and ready well before the tragedy of the twin towers to be activated by whatever power source came available. There are many underlying uncertainties about the way it appeared at a time quite propitious for a leader burdened by contempt and strong intimations of corruption. He enthusiastically mounted that engine and, it now appears, drove it to disaster.

Since that awful day in September, which so assumed the proportions of a standard Hollywood horror spectacular that, at first, it was not accepted as real, the world is totally driven in many directions.

The Israelis in their hunger for territory are smashing villages and butchering children, the Palestinians in their coveted hatreds of the invaders are equally blowing up Israeli mothers and brothers and kids who merely sit in cafes not quite aware of (or perhaps not caring about) the mayhem committed in their names.

The Americans in Iraq are trying to control the ancient hatreds previously held in abeyance by a ferociously vicious psychopath so that they can control the precious oil resources of the country and divert basic financial resources from care of health, education, decaying infrastructure, etc. to favored American military industrial sections while spouting absolute nonsense about freedom and democracy. Already more Americans have been slaughtered in this idiotic enterprise than in the original destruction in lower Manhattan.

And this is not to speak of the more than half a million Iraqis already killed and the daily slaughter of everybody in the area that only inflames the conflict to no sensible purpose or reasonable solution.

Every day, in this troubled world, eighteen thousand children die for no decent reason of starvation. Over forty thousand people die in the USA every year from traffic accidents that might be prevented. Around ninety thousand people succumb per year from preventable medical errors. And then there are, I don't know how many, thousands or perhaps millions who are killed by preventable diseases. I doubt that this sums up the inadequacies of human logical orientation.

And then we get to the illogical orientations of race and homophobia and religious viciousness and just plain stupid traditions. Women are raped, murdered, tortured. Children are maintained in slavery for industrial gain. Legal agencies regularly mistreat their wards. Brutality continuously emits from official and unofficial sources.

All the religious sources from Christ through Mohammed and Buddha expresses a desire for love and care and compassion throughout humanity and what have we done?

I don't know what those two huge empty spaces that hang over New York ultimately signify but I can make a reasonable guess.

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Simon2007-03-19 18:41:59
I love the 'quotation marks' analogy!

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