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Metal God's predictions
by FREE! Magazine
2007-03-12 10:14:17
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Talking about guitar player KK Downing, he is a legend. Nevertheless he is one of the original founders of Judas Priest, a band that has been praised by most of heavy metal fans around the world like the authentic "Metal Gods". KK took a break from the recording of the new album to have a chat with FREE! Magazine and send greetings to his Finnish fans.

“I love Finland. I was there recently, a couple of weeks ago. I visited to some Finnish friends who are helping me to put my future website together,“ KK says.

Let us know more about Violent Storm project, where you recently got pretty involved.

We were on tour in America, with Judas Priest, and we had a couple of tours in Miami. We met Mick Cervino there. Later I met him again in Barcelona. We went there to see Yngwie Malmsteem´s show. He asked me to play a couple of songs in his album. Nobody has offered me that before. I said “maybe”, and when he sent me the record I thought it was pretty cool. So I played the solo guitars guitar solos and then slowly I got more and more involved

Did you enjoy the experience?

Yeah, it was very interesting to see the whole process. I was not there from the very beginning, otherwise I could have had even more input. It was a lot of hard work in the end but I think that for a first album, it sounds good.

They are going to be touring pretty soon. Any chance you can appear as guest musician in any gig?

I suppose that at some point we are going to be on stage with them at a festival or big concert, so anything can happen.

It would be nice to see you on stage with them.

Yeah, maybe they could even open for Judas Priest. You never know what is going to happen. I think that they would work very well as a support band for Judas or for others like Black Sabbath.

It was recently confirmed that they will play at the Sauna Open Air festival next summer in Tampere, where Black Sabbath guys will play as well.

I am looking forward to seeing the band live. After delivering a good record, you have to be able to show that you can deliver a good live show too.

Focusing on Judas Priest, the launching of the new album about Nostradamus is coming closer. Why this turn toward a conceptual album?

It is a very good challenge for us. In Judas Priest, we have never been too afraid of pushing the boundaries and trying new things. We always thought that if we can bring a wider audience to metal, that's a good thing, because it makes this kind of music stronger, and this is good for other bands as well. People complain that heavy metal is boring, but it is funny that every year, the same classic metal bands are the ones that have the biggest headlines in the festivals. All in all, Judas Priest are very proud of what we have achieved, and not only from our band, but also from other bands.

Do you have any information about the releasing date of the album?

Not yet. For the moment it is going exceptionally well. We are working very hard on it and hopefully it will be released soon.
What is the story behind your first guitar and Michael Schenker?

U.F.O. was playing on a Saturday night, this was years and years ago, and I think that Michael saw the flying guitar that I had, in a little shop window, and the shop was obviously closed because it was at week end. He went back to London, and came back to Birmingham to buy the guitar, but I had bought the same guitar that morning on Monday. So later when I saw him in Los Angeles, he told me “That's the guitar that should have been mine!” I said: "too bad, it's mine now!" That particular guitar… Gibson only made 117 worldwide in 1969, so they were quite rare.

So Michael has kept reminding you about this every time you met later?

Yes, of course, yeah. I said: "if I go to my grave first, Michael, I will leave it to you in my will!"

free magazine issue2 - ovi magazineYou also like collecting cars. If they offer you a choice between a nice guitar and a nice car, what would you take?

The car! I can play a cheap guitar, that's fine, but I would take the nice car!

Is true that Julio Iglesias, the legendary Spanish singer, and Judas Priest collaborated together once?

Yeah, it is true. We were recording in Miami, and Julio came to the studio where we were rehearsing. I think that we released the song in the bonus track of the Remasters.

He was a very nice guy indeed. One day a big truck arrived outside the studio, and then a brand new Ferrari come out of the vehicle: a present for “Mr Iglesias”, sent by the record company for selling so many records. He got in the car, drove around the block, and said “too fast for me, I will give it to my son”. I said: "I will take it, Julio, that's fine for me!"

I want to see one day that I am in the studio and a truck comes with a Ferrari for me!
We work hard for it.

You only need to sell some more million albums, KK…

By Antonio Díaz

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