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A boogie man urgently
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-03-11 09:56:23
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After reading that Nicolas Sarkozy, the frontrunner in the French presidential elections, wants both the far-right and far-left to run in the April 20th polls, I was wondering if the presidential elections had missed their clown since, in the end, the far-right in France is represented by only one person, Le Pen, or was there a hidden agenda behind this call?

I have learned for a long time now never to underestimate the conservatives and always expect the unexpected from them, especially when they are in power like the conservatives are now in France. It has not been long since I wrote another article for Ovi magazine where I emphasized why people, like Le Pen, are valuable to the elections - they are playing the role of the boogie man that from one side colligate the parties avoiding losing votes to the other side and, at the same time, they make people tense and polarizes them to the two parties, which works perfectly with modern politics.

As weird as it might sound, people from the far sides of the political spectrum and, for different reasons, have been included in the big multi-collective parties, while the truth is that not all the people who vote for the socialist party are socialists; some of them do not actually know what a socialist party represents. In the same sense you will find nationalists and xenophobes even being members of the socialist party with one excuse that despite their far-right ideas they are still members of the working class and the socialist party is the only one closest to their needs, not their ideas!

Segolene Royal, for her part, didn’t react at all. You see she needs a bit of the boogie man as well, all the polls have shown lately Mr. Sarkozy leading but their difference is not big and the boogie man can work on that. Of course, because both have to be fair they included the other side’s boogie man as well, the leader of the Communist Revolutionary League Olivier Besancenot, a name that would probably make Trotsky smile if he was alive with methods and preachings that reminds of the 1970s.

Dismissing the poor excuse that Mr. Sarkozy expressed that democracy needs all the sides, he is at least the wrong person to talk about democratic rights; Mr. Sarkozy and Mrs. Royal have shown their fear to another person and this is the…or what. Mr. Francois Bayrou, who scored 20% in the latest opinion polls, is obviously gaining percentages from both parties. I never really believed in center parties.

I think they are parties that collect their power from the ones who are not satisfied with the other two major parties, people who never had a steady ideology but have been pushed around depending on the promises they got before the elections and unfortunately they are the ones who elect the governments, since the other two parties are pretty equal in their strength over the last few decades. That’s why Mr. Bayrou has become their terror and that’s why they need to call the boogie man into action again.

Looking at what I wrote, I have to admit that I feel so sad, so this is it? That’s what democracy needs to work? A boogie man?

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kid2007-10-10 21:03:06
i didnt understand a thing XD

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