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Head Over Heels in Hate
by Jan Sand
2007-03-11 09:57:27
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Throughout history various nations have held the focus for hatred for much of the world. No doubt, as each nation rose to power, the required consequences of domination distilled as much of its emotional final product a good deal of hatred. This is a natural result of an imperfect administration that has various bases.

Traditionally, all powerful people must individually contend with a modicum of inherent hate for their capability. Bosses in a business situation, even in a fully democratic society, frequently dictate how and when and why a worker performs his or her tasks and many times the worker is better qualified to determine these than the boss or, lacking the end view of those in control, disagrees with the way things are done. Aside from essential work demands, businesses often invade private decisions of dress or language where their control may not be proper or necessary and this can cause great resentment.

Rich people are disliked for their wealth and class status, bright people are resented for their superior capability, even, in some quarters, superior athletes are disliked for their accomplishments, but this last is rare and one of the few superiorities generally acclaimed. Perhaps this is because the other superior capabilities are much abused and athletes are infrequently abusive and utilize their physical excellence in personal accomplishment and not in domination over others.

In its spread throughout Europe the Roman Empire was somewhat successful in allaying hatred by accepting the citizens of conquered territories as Roman citizens but I am not sure if there was a hierarchy of citizen status. The British Empire took this pattern for its own and, to a degree, its conquests became recognized as British citizens with rights to enter England. But there is no question that peoples of their colonies were mistreated and hatred inspired many revolutionary uprisings and eventual successful separation in the colonies bears witness to British misrule.

The classic example of an entire nation gone berserk and declaring itself superior to the entire world was Hitler's Germany and the resulting huge hatred they engendered has not yet totally subsided. Since Germany, previous to the Nazi regime, had produced some of the worlds finest thinkers, scientists, musicians and other exemplars, it still is a puzzle that a nation assumed to be thoroughly embedded in modern rationality could stray so far from common sense.

Concurrently the parallel police state of the USSR based its fake legitimacy on freeing the world from the slavery of capitalism and hatred of that regime is based on its brutality and fixation on a false idealism that masked a good deal or raw corruption and stupid inefficiency and frank violation of the principles it declared.

In an almost mirror image of those previous hate patterns the hatred of whites for black skinned people in the USA and in South Africa is based on an inherent fear of their own hypocrisy which undermined their stated beliefs of the inferiority of people with dark skins. Many of them knew instinctively that they were mistreating helpless equal fellow human beings but the economic advantage of misusing these easily identified people was sufficient to impel whites to maintain their repressive behavior. And, of course, they feared that blacks would finally understand that there was no justification for their repression and join together in revolt.

It is a commonplace that when a man or woman in love is rejected by his or her partner the intense submersion in absolute affection of the love relationship can turn to total acid which can, with some individuals, prove physically dangerous.

There is something of this in what has been happening to the USA in the world. Anyone who is familiar to any depth with American history is well aware of the many repressive actions of the USA. But still, underlying many of the aberrations of humanity and decency and reason, there are the fundamental documents that established the country. For a couple of centuries people fled repressive regimes in the rest of the world to this country of the ideals of mankind and many of them did start with almost no money and a good idea and much luck and hard work. And they did have phenomenal success. The old story of the streets paved with gold evolved, perhaps, from the mirages that drew the Spanish conquistadors and 19th century America soon revealed that the streets were much more profuse with horseshit than gold. Literally and figuratively. But the legend persisted.

To an overwhelming extent this is a corporate controlled world and the steel machinery driving policy is economic. As witnessed by the unaddressed brutalities in Darfur, in the children's armies in Uganda, Rwanda, and many, many, more, human feeling has little to play in remedying massive world killing. There is a long parade of brutal regimes that has been ignored or fueled by US policy and many of the leaders such as the Shah of Iran, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein have marched, at one time or another to US tunes. These have, to a large extent, been ignored in the glow of the US legend of compassion and freedom but the open brutalities of the current administration and, in particular, the open incompetence and stupidity and drift towards a repressive state has done a good deal to sour this love affair.

The fury of the Muslim world is in another category altogether and has more exotic roots but the USA, like a rejected lover, has soured its relationship with the world.

It has fallen head over heels into hate.

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by2007-03-12 02:21:43
History is filled with the rise and fall of empires.

History will always be filled with the rise and fall of empires...

...until the end of History.

Sand2007-03-12 05:25:52
Yeah, sure, nothing new under the sun. Like atomic bombs and military aircraft. Humanity has existed for a mere million years and always is a very much longer time. If we don't shape up we will be shipped out and, it looks like, in very short order.

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