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Abe go home
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-03-05 09:49:46
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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did it again while being questioned whether South Korean women were forced to become sex slaves during World War II saying, “There's no evidence to prove there was coercion.” Of course, the South Korean Foreign Minister Song Min-soon said that the Japanese P.M.’s remarks were “not helpful” but the truth is that it is the Japanese people's turn to do something about this man and his government, remove them and send them to where they really belong: the trash of history.

Shinzo Abe has gone so far this time that even Washington was forced to react and call him through Congress and diplomats to apologize - the truth is that Japan hasn’t got the luxury to make her allies nervous, since with the last two governments there are not many left. But what I cannot really understand is why the Japanese people don’t react at all. It is often said that the leaders we have are nothing more and nothing less to what our society really is! What is the truth with Japan?

Japan had gone through strange times since WWII, and denial was not one of them; at least as long the generation that lived the war was still alive. And I say that because I witnessed myself the memorial in Nagasaki in the mid-80s and I was surprised to see that there were more people from that generation demonstrating against the war, any kind of war, than any member of any other generation. I saw people with tears in their eyes telling me how terrible it was carrying the guilt of crimes a militaristic regime had committed and I was surprised to see that when they said, ‘Never again’ they meant it.

Sixty years after, it seems that denial is coming and over the last decade people who have no memories from this era are governing Japan. These people are not only in denial with history but they try, or better force, a change. They want to re-write history and facts ignoring how others feel and showing an unbelievable arrogance to their neighbors who suffered more during the war. So the natural next question is how bad are things in Japan? Because when you try to force your ‘superiority’ or deny the existence of your mistakes that means that you are in a deadlock situation with your own self. Has this economic miracle that lasted over three decades led to a deadlock for a whole society and without knowing how to escape they elect people like Abe for leaders?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe must go soon. In another article I wrote a few weeks before, I said that if what this government says is an accident, a slip of the tongue then Japan has a problem if they are intentionally saying what they say, then Japan is in danger. Unfortunately, time has proved that there is no accident or slip of the tongue and Mr. Shinzo Abe is a dangerous man.

Furthermore, by being prime minister he is a dangerous man for all the world and I hope that Japanese people will do something and remove him quickly otherwise the international community may have to consider applying the same rules as the holocaust denials.

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