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Eureka: Christmas day/Hanukkah jokes
by Joseph Gatt
2016-12-25 11:30:16
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christ001_400-Best hangover cure: the leftover wine from last night. Hope you kept some.

-And now you realize you’re going to have to wait for 12 more months before people start being kind at the office again.

-And now you realize that the Christmas gifts you bought are being sold at 1/10th of the price you bought them.

-Thank God for New years’ eve to forget about Christmas awkwardness.

-Watch out for those trucks on New Year’s Eve.

-That moment you’re drunk and your wife tells you to help clean the mess.  

-If only Christmas were like Hanukkah, 8 days rather than just one, could help gain a few pounds.

-Someone should come up with an app to send all your friends Christmas cards with an automatically personalized message. That should be funny.

-Honeymoon season is over. Nagging is on its way back.

-After it’s a Beautiful Life and Home Alone, now you get to watch Groundhog Day over and over.

-Thankfully American Football and Basketball is still in season, life would be boring without it.

-New Year’s resolution: not watch the news next year.

As usual Christmas is over way too soon. Enjoy boxer day!

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