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12 years on the borders of history
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-12-20 10:58:16
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Do you know the phrase: “it feels like it hasn't gone a day”? Well, when it comes to Ovi Magazine I can count 4,384 of them; more than 4,300 in daily covers and over 18,000 articles. These numbers don’t include personal hours for all of us in the Ovi Team, who voluntarily contribute to what you read and what you seedino121_400.

This is my 12th anniversary editorial with the actual birth day one. When Asa and I first started with the monthly issues, our most optimistic predictions were for maximum three years. We thought we were too small, not antagonistic enough, too strong on the Don Quixote side, fighting the windmills of democracy and freedom of speech. We also tried to escape from solipsistic traditions of most online magazines. Furthermore, we actually wanted to help.

To help not in some kind of major way, no revolutions here. From the very beginning we made it clear that we were going to give room to new writers, illustrators, photographers, artists; give creators a chance nobody else was willing to give them, become their live portfolio the same way both of us had many times wished others would have done for us. Twelve years later and tens of writers and creators found their publishing roots in Ovi Magazine and as far as I am concerned, I feel that this is one of its biggest achievements.

We never over-promoted or marketed Ovi Magazine. We always kept a low profile, sometimes very low (even after awards or mentions by big publications, even used as reference) and that soon became our policy. The reason was and still is, that we have manage to attract a steady and constantly increasing readership that chooses to read Ovi Magazine every day not with flash news, celebrities’ life or misleading information but with strong opinions that cover every aspect of human life including our firm stand against all kind of fascism, racism and discrimination.

These last 12 years have also marked an era of unusual change in global life. From terror attacks to Barack Obama and from the refugee waves in the Mediterranean Sea, the Brexit, the climate change and of course Donald Trump and the rise of fascism globally, Ovi magazine has lived on the borders of history without walls of censoring, always opinionated and always democratic.

And we have succeed all that firstly thanks to the tens of our contributors all around the world who have embraced the feeling of standing together in front of the common enemy with our pens as our weapons. I suppose this might also be a good chance to invite more writers and creators to join us.

Then comes our readership. A readership that has become a strong part of the Ovi magazine even with its - most of the time - silent support.

Finally a present to celebrate our 12th anniversary. Actually the beginning of a series of presents that going to continue until New Year in the form of EBooks. For the beginning we have the “Mortals of Megapolis II” from a group of writers and an illustrated poem from Katerina Charisi, “I float between lives”. Both in English and in Greek for our Greek readeship and you can find them and download them, always for FREE, HERE!


Thank you to all our contributors for the unbelievable work you are doing to make sure freedom of speech is alive, a big thank you to our readership for honouring us with your loyal presence and support. A personal thank you to Asa, my comrade in crime.


Thanos Kalamidas





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bohdan2016-12-23 02:20:39
We Thank You for your Gift to us.

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