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The Fellowship of the Heart (12 Years Ovi Magazine)
by Gordana Mudri
2016-12-20 10:57:46
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"Many companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Heart."
- The Wizard from Ovi, 12 years ago

12gb01_400A brotherhood with a mission. Various free, open-minded beings living independently of one another before and now they are together. From North, East, South and West, with joined hearts. Walking, side by side, miles away but not apart.

The Middle-earth is burning. Many threats are coming from the Land of the Shadow. Dark Lords spit hatred, filthy creatures crawl out of the bushes, spreading fear and death.

Every day is a walk through the dark. Every day is a battle for protecting the light.

The brotherhood has to act.

We, the Fellowship of the Heart.

Against each of them, we raise our (s)words. No matter how small, no matter how sharp; we are fighting against their dark.

Stumble and fall to stand up again. So many battles in front of us. No matter how tired, there's no other way. Too many wounds on this scorched land.

Day by day, the years pass... This road has no end... Too many creatures stalk around. No time for stopping, no time for rest. One battle ends, the war still lasts.

And we are still walking. Side by side, heart by heart, miles away but not apart.

Together we are screaming: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

(Happy 12 birthday fellows!)



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