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Eureka: Generation W, X, Y, Z
by Joseph Gatt
2016-12-11 09:13:45
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Generation Y gets a new phone every year. They’re bad people. We, their parents, used to get a new Walkman or Diskman every year and our parents thought we were bad people. The new generation is binging on pornography. Our generation didn’t have all those websites, but we always had a friend who had a brother or cousin who was way older and more liberal than he was and who had a library full of pornographic material, and if you were nice enough with that kid he would loan you or give you some of it.

generation01_400The new generation is binging on games. We had arcades back then, where you would insert a quarter and play some of your favorite games, and some of us went straight there from school. We also had all kinds of games we could play. The new generation is binging on entertainment. For them it’s Justin Bieber and Beyonce, for us it was Diana Ross or Cool and the Gang or Nirvana, Metallica, Nickelback or the Spice Girls or whoever topped the charts in your grad school year.

The new generation has concentration problems. Any serious psychologist will tell you that your attention span increases as you grow older. Pre-teens have very short attention spans, adolescents have short attention spans, and the older the adult the longer their attention span. The new generation doesn’t read. For those of us who read books back in the day, that was our best-kept secret because if anyone found out we would get beat up.

The new generation wants to be adults way too fast. Every generation has had its codes for signaling sexual activeness. Back in my day those who were sexually active signaled that by getting piercings and tattoos, the generation before mine used to pierce their ears. The new generation shows too much skin. Back in my day sleeveless shirts or tank tops were common as well.

We also had drugs, some kids liked to solve their problems with knives, and there was always that idiot who wanted to look cool by bringing a gun to school. When I was in high school everyone was talking about LSD for some reason, but thankfully football and politics were my thing.

What I’ve noticed is 18 year-olds come to college and bring the entertainment world with them, before they reach 19 and 20 and brands are no longer talked about as must-haves but as nice or not so nice places to work. The UN is no longer about world peace but about good pay but terrible working conditions, fashion is no longer about new collections but about rigid vs. cool working environments, sports and entertainment are less about becoming a professional athlete or entertainer and more about relieving stress.

Give those kids a break. We used to be like them.  


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Emanuel Paparella2016-12-11 09:30:05
I must have been living in a bubble when I went to college in the 60s. As I remember, unless I did a minimum of 20 hours of reading a week I couldn't hope to maintain even a C average, and then I'd be beat up by my father. In any case, as the song puts it: the times, the times are are a-changing!

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