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Proliferation of Fakes
by Jan Sand
2007-03-04 10:42:20
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A current report indicates that the fake medicine business is prospering and soon will be worth many billions of dollars. These are medicines that can be either new unknown brands that are ineffective or substances with no or harmful medical capabilities disguised as and sold as reputable brands. There are several reasons for their success. My comments are involved with the situation in the USA where medicine is in a very sorry state.

Probably the most outstanding reason is the high and rising price of medicines in an economy where medical insurance is in the hands of managers who are far more interested in satisfying their stockholders than in seeing to it that their clients receive the best medical attention. This inevitably leads to a situation where the medical providers shun those people who most need medical attention and are least capable of paying for it. Internet advertising is very efficient at reaching huge numbers of people in desperate financial and medical straits and insulates sales organizations from close inspection of their validity, an ideal situation for fraud. Thus the fakes problem.

But medicine is only the most obvious recent area for concrete fakery. Politics is one of its natural habitats. The ongoing fight in the United States Congress to pass a measure indicating the legislature's disagreement with the executive policy in the Iraq war is ironic as it agrees with the assessment of the majority of the public of the situation but it has no power of enforcement. Nevertheless this totally phony toothless measure is treated with sufficient aggression by the minority of congressmen who oppose it and those that support it to somehow signify that it had some real power. It doesn't.

There is at present a legal measure passed by the New York City legislature designed to make the pejorative term "nigger" illegal. Black people are almost universally insulted by the application of the word as its historical intent has always been to indicate contempt for them in the same manner as "kike", "spic", "wop", "bohunk", "gook", "chink", "polack", "jap","slant" etc. was applied to their individual minority. Since the USA is a nation of immigrants it is particularly rich in this type of terminology. Nevertheless current young black people profusely use the term amongst themselves for various meanings although they forbid it for whites. As with the Congressional Iraqi dispute the legal measure has no enforcement penalty and therefore is mere legal fakery.

On the international scale the United Nations is notorious for issuing proclamations decrying horrible situations such as exist in Darfur. For years people there have been tortured, raped, murdered, forced to flee their homes, and the United Nations has done nothing substantial to stop the horror beyond the meaningless declarations which have been totally ineffective. China and Russia have blocked effective measures because they have favorable trade arrangements with Sudan. It is obvious that these two countries are, in effect, supporting these brutalities but the UN whose basic charter specifically condemns these actions says nothing officially about this disgusting support of Sudan. This is pure hoax.

On the personal level we have all been besieged by Nigerian appeals on the net for help in disposing of millions of dollars that require our singular help in release from legal difficulties. Considering how frequently this seems to be occurring we should all be overwhelmingly free of financial difficulties by now.

Perhaps we should be satisfied with a web advertised fake expensive watch that will, no doubt, cease functioning shortly after it is removed from its box. That way it will be precisely accurate twice a day.

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