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A chat-VFX supervisor
by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
2016-11-23 11:17:04
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Visual effects supervisor STALIN SARAVANAN shares his ‘Kaashmora’ experience with Elsa Lycias Joel

1.    elias02_400Congratulations on the success of “KAASHMORA”! Brief us about the Visual Effects involved?

Thank you! I also thank iGene Entertainment Studio, Director Mr Gokul & Producers Mr Prabhu & Mr Prakash. Visual effect concepts were involved in creating a haunted palace, headless ghost, tree Ghosts & Fantasies. Visual Effects was involved in creating a HAUNTED GHOST PALACE, HEADLESS GHOST, GHOST DOG, HISTORICAL SONGS, WAR BATTLEFIELDS & FANTASIES. CG set extensions were involved such as CG neck and chest of a headless torso in a decorative long coat. Human 3D body scanning, Lidar Systems for Live Set scanning, HDRI, Shotgun, Advance Digital Lighting, 360* Degree VR Camera for Songs & Advanced Texture mapping techniques were also used.

2.       How did you approach the two war sequences that seemed to reshape the entire story?

30 minutes comprised of Historical sequences, a flash back. We created a palace with a 200 feet Stone Eagle, climax Smoke ghosts, smoke dog etc. For almost 1000 shots we used CG set extensions. Other scenes included Wars between two kings & a rescue act at a mountain Peak. Two war sequences were well planned, coordinated and shot within a very short span of time with 500 VFX artists.

3.       Your favourite sequence!

Quite a few scenes are close to my heart. I tend to fall in love with almost all the special effects I conceptualize and deliver.

4.    elias01_400What do you consider as a priceless experience?

Working with my director, Dop & all VFX studios. Be it a significant design or a creative idea everybody were equally dedicated and determined. I had my secret cold sweat moments which I rather not reveal because at the end of every day, I know, I learnt a good lesson.

5.       What was the duration of this assignment?

Two months from the start to the final “DI” digital coloring.

6.       Total VFX shots!

Almost 1995

7.       An invisible effect you would like to reveal!

Capturing actors’ facial motion for CG effects was actually one.

8.       How do you handle these many online interviews?

(Laughs) When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Interviews are platforms that expose people who work behind the screens. So I’m thankful for being interviewed.

9.       Tell us about your international projects

“IRON MAN 3”, “The Oblivion”, “300 Part2”, “EXPENDABLES Part2” , “THE SWIFT”, “THE HELP” “I AM NUMBER 4” “LAND OF THE ASTRONAUTS (The black Limousine)” “DEVIL’S EXECUTIONER” “DEAD MAN DOWN”, Harry Potter Part 7A/7B, Narnia Part3 and few more.

10.   On your collaboration with international directors!

To work with Warner Brother movie The KING & I was a pride.Your best memory in these 20 years..

Again I can’t stick to just one. Receiving the Nandi Award, working with Hollywood animation directors & supervisors on several projects and VFX discussions with George Murphy and Production designers who are Oscar winners are a few memorable moments I cherish.


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