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Forgetful Remembering on Voting Day!
by Leah Sellers
2016-11-09 09:29:27
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Cheyenne got out of her little Ford, and walked past her client’s Trump-Pence sign located in the front yard.
Cheyenne inwardly cringed every time she had to walk past the Trump-Pence sign in order to get to her client’s front door.
vot01_400Every time she passed by the sign, Cheyenne fantasized about pulling it out of the ground, tearing it in two, and throwing it away in her client’s garbage can.  But she would immediately chastise herself for thinking such outlandish and mean-spirited thoughts, and pass by the sign with disciplined resignation.
Soon, however, the sign of the political enemy would come down anyway, because today was Voting Day.
Cheyenne, knew that Mrs. Laura would not remember that.  That Mrs. Laura depended upon Cheyenne to remember and see to such things day-in and day-out.  Because Mrs. Laura’s 96 year old Memory was not as reliable as it had once been.
Be that as it may, Cheyenne had a very deep and abiding respect for Mrs. Laura’s keen and insightful intellect and mischievous sense of humor.  She enjoyed their many discussions about every topic under the sun, including politics.
Cheyenne unlocked the front door, and placed her things down upon the foyer table.  Tip-toeing into Mrs. Laura’s bedroom, Cheyenne gently placed her hand upon Mrs. Laura’s arm and cheerfully said, “Good morning, Mrs. Laura.  How was your evening ?”
“I slept like a log last night.  A tornado could have popped out of the sky and swept me and everything else in this house up, and taken us all the way to Kansas, and I would not have known it until sunrise this morning,”  Mrs. Laura chuckled.
Cheyenne smiled brightly saying, “I’m so glad that you’re sleeping better.”
Cheyenne helped Mrs. Laura get untangled from her covers, and helped her rise from her bed and get into her bathroom.
“Thank you, Cheyenne.  I can take it from here.”
“Yes Ma’am,”  Cheyenne answered.  Mrs. Laura always started off her day with a healthy morning constitutional.  She was as regular as clockwork.
Cheyenne made-up Mrs. Laura’s bed and tidied up the room before heading for the kitchen.  Quickly washing her hands under warm water, Cheyenne started up a fresh small pot of decaffeinated coffee, and got the egg poacher ready for Mrs. Laura’s two eggs.
Cheyenne placed two pieces of whole wheat bread into the toaster, and took the dish of butter out of the refrigerator to soften.
Mrs. Laura like the same thing every morning.
Cheyenne heard Mrs. Laura stirring around in the back of the house, and returned to the bedroom.  Mrs. Laura had already disappeared into her walk-in closet, and was trying to decide what she was going to wear for the day.
“Do we have anything special to do today, Cheyenne ?  It seems to me that we do, but I cannot for the life of me, remember what it is,” Mrs. Laura said casually.
“Yes Ma’am, it’s Voting Day.  I was planning on taking you over to the polls  after breakfast, if that’s alright with you, so as to miss the afternoon crowds,”  Cheyenne reminded her.
“Oh yes, yes.  How could I forget that ?  I have Voted for every presidential election since I could Vote.  I know that it is hard for you young one’s to fathom.  But there was a time in America when Women were not allowed to Vote.  When Women were reviled and beaten down for wanting to Vote in elections,”  Mrs. Laura said.
“You young ones have no idea how far Women have come.  You all take so much for granted,”  Mrs. Laura said with a gentle smile on her face.  But her whitening brown eyes were sharp and bright.
Cheyenne smiled in return saying, “I try not to take too much for granted Mrs. Laura.”
As Cheyenne helped Mrs. Laura dress and prepare her hair and make-up for the day, Mrs. Laura said, “I do not understand how someone like you could become a democrat, Cheyenne.  How did that happen ?”
Cheyenne was taken aback and nearly laughed outright, but one look at Mrs. Laura’s serious expression staunched that response.
“Well, Mrs. Laura, because their policies more closely align themselves with my beliefs.  I believe that we are all in this great experiment of democracy together.  That we are all on this Earth to help and uplift one another.  To Serve one another.  To Love one another.”
“I think that I told you that I was planning on becoming a Missionary, until I experienced the same misogyny in seminary, that I had experienced in every shape and form from my father growing up.  And I decided that was enough for me.  So I left seminary, and became a Teacher and an Artist without a second thought,”  Cheyenne explained.
“However, I tend to see the world through Missionary Eyes.  I have a tendency to want to help take care of Others and the Earth.   And to me, most democrats do, too.  So, I decided that they were the party for me,”  Cheyenne explained.
“But democrats want Big Government to tell everyone what to do,  and when and how to do it,”  Mrs. Laura said firmly.
“Do you really believe that, Mrs. Laura ?”  Cheyenne asked.  “I see the Government as a Tool to keep things fair and square for everyone.”
“I see Government as the Will of the People tempered into a Collective Consciousness to Protect and open up all kinds of Opportunities for personal, familial, community, national and global growth, and positive forms of Evolution within the Systems we all decide to create and be a part of.  And that is a tough thing to Oversee and to Balance.  Especially when so many folks have so many differing Ideas about what should be done, and when and how to do it,”  Cheyenne said with a wink and a grin.
“That may be, but democrats are not fiscally responsible,”  Mrs. Laura quipped.
“I beg to differ, Mrs. Laura.”  Cheyenne said mildly.  “They just believe on spending the nation’s wealth on different things.  Most democrats I know would rather see the sick, disenfranchised, downtrodden and homeless off of the streets, and in homes and apprenticeships of some kind for the jobs of the future,  instead of spending millions of dollars on War Machines and endless Wars.”
“Our nation needs to be Secure, Cheyenne.  We always need to spend more on the military and less on give away programs,”  Mrs. Laura said with certainty.
“Now, I am ready to go to the store, Cheyenne,”  Mrs. Laura suddenly announced.
“Yes Ma’am.”  Cheyenne paused.  Mrs. Laura had already forgotten about Voting Day again.  Cheyenne was tempted to let it go, and take her on to the store. 
The presidential race was a contentious and a tight one.  Mrs. Laura had already told Cheyenne that her own vote, in the very Republican area that they lived in, would cancel out Cheyenne’s vote anyway.  Cheyenne’s feelings had been genuinely hurt when Mrs. Laura had said that to her, but she had never said anything about it to Mrs. Laura.
But Cheyenne really did believe in the Value of Voicing one’s Vote.  She believed in maintaining the Integrity of the Vote.  And Mrs. Laura had never missed Voting for a presidential election.
Cheyenne thought about the annoying Trump-Pence sign that Mrs. Laura had Cheyenne put up in her front yard for her.  She felt very conflicted and just a tad contentious herself.
“But Mrs. Laura, it’s Voting Day, remember ?” Cheyenne chirped.  “I’ll fix breakfast for you really quickly, and then we’ll head on out to the polls.  Then we can stop by the H.E.B. on our way back to your house if you still feel like it.”
“That’s right, it’s Voting Day,”  Mrs. Laura said with glee.  “Well, let’s head on into the kitchen and get breakfast over with.  Then we’ll head on down to the polls and let our Voices be heard, shall we ?  It may be the last presidential race I ever get to Vote in.  I am 96 after all.”
“Yes Ma’am,”  Cheyenne said.  “I’m really looking forward to Voting with you Mrs. Laura, because you, Precious Lady, are a walking, talking Chapter of History.  Thank you for asking me to do this with you, Mrs. Laura, I am truly honored.”
“Child, sometimes you say the most unexpected things,”  Mrs. Laura said with a slight grin upon her face. “Democrat or not, I, too, am honored to be spending this day with you as well, young lady.”
“And, Cheyenne,”  Mrs. Laura added lightly, “You can pull up the Trump-Pence sign on our way out to your car, and place in the garage.  I’ve punished you with it long enough.”
“Yes Ma’am,”  Cheyenne answered knowingly.  Funny what Forgetful people can Re-member right out of the blue.


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