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Poems and Maps
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2016-10-29 12:01:19
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The Cable Factory is Finland's largest cultural community. Based in Helsinki, almost at the centre of the Finnish capital. This large “Cultural Centre” - as I like to call it - has a lot of art galleries, TV channels, Art schools and there is almost an art or cultural event every day.

At this Centre, there is an ‘Art Gallery’ that belongs to the European Union Migrant Artists Network (EU MAN), a gallery that opened at February, 2015. A very active space and especially interactive also among others. During its time in action it has organized 10 art-exhibitions and some serious Art-debates in cooperation with PAND “Art of Peace association”.

Now, the gallery has one more remarkable exhibition: two Egyptian artists who live and work in Cairo, still very interested to have a show of their work in this gallery, here in Helsinki.

Shereen Elbaroudiand and Bilal Makled, came to Finland with their fantastic artworks. Shereen Elbaroudiand shows for the first time a new experience of collages. She worked especially for this show and her works represent her thoughts of the city; how the city can be, how the city live and mean by itself. Shereen has never been to Helsinki, but she could draw a map and put on this map her fantasy expressions of the city.

She works with maps the last 2 or 3 years and I think to some extent she is very successful with the way she’s expressing herself through them. She will take an image and add her imagination on it, this way she makes the city vivid and show it as it is for an instant. One of her works actually called “Helsinki”; this artwork shows Helsinki as it is known, the daughter of the Baltic, picturing it with women smiling and happy in the heart of the "map-picture” all with artistic expressions of buildings and other objects.

Bilal Makled, works as a graphic design teacher in the Art College of Helwan University Egypt and he has a long experience in life and art. As a professional, he has studied in Egypt, USA and has worked in many countries, but as an Egyptian he insists to show his impressions as a patriot. In this exhibition he combines poetry, art and culture, he actually loves to interpret poetry in this way, into his art.

He created 10 art works inspired of a poem of an Egyptian poet, name Amal Dunqol, and I can say that he actually “translated” the poems into pictures. When I read the poems in English I felt interacting with his pictures, I felt oblige to tell him – Bilal, “brilliantly done” you made the poems vivid and acting.

The EU-MAN gallery, has no special facilities, however it still looks really good. Mr Khatib told me that the Finnish authorities stopped funding the whole organisation since 2 years ago, but they continue working, still publishing the magazine "Universal Colours" and work in the gallery as volunteers. 

The site of the gallery attracts many people to visit it, since it is in a very good location in the heart city and I would say, the choosing of the artists who exhibit their work at the gallery is very right because it seems that the directors of the gallery and EU-MAN have the right experience, the knowledge and the necessary good taste in choosing the artists and the art works.

A perfect example for me was this exhibition, the fact that two well established artists, came to make a show in Helsinki, it shows that they know the reputation of the gallery and the organization as such and they know that they will make something special with their show; that their show does not go “with the wind”.

I want to congratulate both artists, the gallery that exhibits their work and Mr Khatib, who is working very hard to continue his project with EU-MAN - telling them all, please do continue; you pure a special light into our dark, grey, and cold life.

Timoti Kantonen

Examples of the two artists, work: 







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