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What's burning in your coffee?
by Carlos Eyl
2007-02-28 08:21:00
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I would love to ask you, what exactly comes to your mind when you read the news each morning? My guess would probably be we could all agree the world is literally shaking us up back into reality. It seems as though the United States and Iran have taken center stage in an extraordinary play of words most certainly not categorized near the wisdom encyclopedia.

I am currently experiencing the economical benefits of our information and communication society, but my exaltation is drawn to the fascinating similarities, us humans, share but are so blind to admit. I don't need to explain why I mention this characteristic of the new economy but my view on its leading role in current global disparities.

We read about Muslims and Catholics which categorize most of our news, but there we also have the Islam, Buddhist, Lutherans, Orthodox, Mormons, and simply cant think of all the different religions and beliefs we share. Narrowing down to facing your Mum after not eating your lunch properly, we all practically measure our existence through the same scope.

During my walk through this our common path of life, I have encountered many different cultures to the point of practically assuring you each remaining continent to this day hosts a human soul with whom I’ve exchanged views, thoughts and even friendship. I’m pretty sure most of you would agree with me when acknowledging these experiences add more than just value to a person, enriching your narrow view of life and broadening your tolerance thermometer.

The current global energy crisis has shaped up the highest level debates only matched by the climate change awareness, which almost had to become obvious only after The Netherlands accompanied Jesus through his walk on water.

Isn’t it so that Latin American goals practically aim at the good old North American dollars, either dressed as a red and social strawberry pie, not that is makes Hugo Chavez look handsome, or waiving the blessed democratic flag led by the US? Would you agree both the Asians and the Middle Eastern’s are awakening to a first world candy shop dramatically eager to manage and assure their place in candy land? Even though Angelina Jolie has moved on into Asia again, she has been the only one recently considering Africa, as it’s the one continent literally burning its roots for the future, but who cares, let’s go nuclear!

It seems to me if the world religious leaders would do their job, we could all sit down around the same table and taste a kebab, a Beijing duck or a hotdog, drink lapponia liqueur and thank Ala, Jesus or Buda. Why not enjoy the famous belly dance from a beautiful Jordanian as we all drank a good old German beer. And when things get complicated we could follow the Finnish example and celebrate the first of May. Why would the world need an Islamic revolution when we all pray for the sake of our families?

I am certainly not calling upon the parallel global crisis of gender identity when I distinguish the essential added value women bring onto the table as global leaders. Needless to say their role extends far beyond congressional tables and international conventions; it all starts with Mums appreciation. Why do we have to make use of force when we are able to even clone our intellect?

Correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me the world is witnessing a quarrel between an older brother who has acquired a bit of knowledge and his younger counterpart eager to experience the benefits he has discovered, both scarily unaware of the fragile surface their feet lay on; prompt to discover the insignificance of human nature despite historical achievements.

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