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by David Sparenberg
2016-10-08 11:37:17
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There is a tremendous rumbling coming over this world.  Only those already dead in their souls do not feel it.
sound01_400It is felt in clouds, felt in seas, felt in mountains, felt dark in roots of trees, felt even in buried stones—the monkish memories of old Earth.
There is a pealing of thunder coming over this world, louder than the trumpets of war.  Only those who pretend to be deaf refuse to listen: multitudes of walking dead.
Stop, all you who are alive and ensouled!  Be alert, you awake and breathing!  What is coming?  What is this sounding, percussive over the world?  Is it death?  Is it freedom?
Death is winnowing.  So too is freedom.  Too many deny the God-gift of our humanity.  Evil becomes possessive.
Time now for good people of the Earth to rage.  Not rage in madness or surrender to preachment-politics of fear and hatred.  But rage in the passion of hurt love, of love abused and life betrayed.  Rage against suffering from injustice.  Rage against greed and hording of power; against the cannibalism of anti-man devouring Earth, undoing creation.
Rage, rage in the deep resistance and affirmation of a Dylan Thomas rage.  With voice of the resonance of love sounding inside, and between us. 
Give me, and give to those who are akin and my friends, a faith profound and equal to our trust.  Empower us in trusting.  Yes.  A faith of rivers, let it be rivers large and small.  A faith horizontal with providing, vertical with the witnessing chivalry of trees, playful and prayerful with imaginations of clouds, inspired by the monkish illuminations of stones, baptized with needs of oceans for salted purity and ceaseless song, emboldened by the stout, enduring hearts and minds of mountains—the mighty cathedrals of nature, Zen in their snowy crowns, wild on their Shinto slopes.
There is a sounding—listen!  Listen!  Yes.  What is it?  The sounding.  Gathering.  Is it death?  Is it freedom?
David Sparenberg
28 July 2016


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