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Europe should stop bickering and start coordinating
by Christos Mouzeviris
2016-10-05 09:09:35
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Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister, has recently unleashed an attack on Hungary, over its stance on the refugee crisis.

He told the German daily Die Welt that Hungary should be temporarily or even permanently expelled from the European Union.

eur01_400_02Asselborn’s comments come days before 27 EU leaders meet in Bratislava to discuss the bloc’s future.

 “Anyone who, like Hungary, builds fences against refugees from war or who violates press freedom and judicial independence should be excluded temporarily, or if necessary for ever, from the EU.” Mr Asselborn stated.

He argued it’s the only way to “preserve the cohesion and values of the European Union.”

Hungary is holding a government-sponsored referendum on October the 2nd, seeking support for rejecting any future EU plan to resettle migrants among member states.(New Europe)

We are really getting tired in Europe, hearing our leaders bickering about who should be kicked out, or who is worthy to stay in. Each EU member state has its own history and past, that influences the way we deal with each upcoming problem.

Some European countries had been exposed to multiculturalism for far longer, thus having more time to adjust and get used to it. Either because they have been themselves colonial powers, or simply because economically they blossomed sooner than most newest "additions" to the EU block.

So to demand conformity or you are out, it is simply wrong and not helpful. I agree with Mr. Asselborn that the Hungarian stance on the refugee crisis is disappointing.

The central European nation's PM Viktor Orban, even claimed that the refugee crisis is a "German problem."

In reality it is a global problem, not just a European nor a German one. And since Hungary is part of both Europe and the world, it should- if it wants to be called a modern democratic European nation- play its role to tackle the crisis.

Europe should, instead of bickering within itself, work together firstly to deal with the issue. Secondly, work closely to convince other regions of the world to help out and do their part in this humanitarian crisis.

Attitudes like Mr Orban's do not help, so we are understandably getting Mr Asselborn's remarks; although they are not appropriate.

The EU should start showing unity and serious signs of cooperation and solidarity, if it wants to be taken as a serious contender in the globe.

It would best avoided to keep discussing about leaving or being kicked out of the block. The problem is that we have now too many governments in EU, with so many different agendas.

Not all are committed to the same vision for Europe, while unfortunately almost all still prioritize national agendas over a common European one.

It is particularly sad to see not just Hungary, but many other "new" EU member states, dropping their enthusiasm for the block, once the obligations of their membership appear.

Yet, threatening them with expulsion or ridicule them as a country for the statements of their politicians in not constructive either. It simply crystallizes the public support around their leaders.

Europe does not need anymore star politicians looking for publicity. Nor it needs more political intrigues,that do nothing more to give more food to the story selling hungry media.

What the continent needs is inspirational leaders to offer solutions and bring a new vision for its future.

We should have dealt with the refugee crisis locally, years ago when it first manifested itself. We lacked leadership then and so we do now.

Instead of taking action on a national level for something that affects everyone on the continent, or blaming and threatening those who do not follow the consensus, it would be great if for once we witnessed true diplomatic and leadership skills from more of our leaders.

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Emanuel Paparella2016-10-05 13:00:43
Indeed the test of fire for any confederacy which then determines whether or not the center will hold, and democracy survive, comes not when things are going well and prosperity reigns, but when things are not going so sell and disagreements abound.

Emanuel Paparella2016-10-05 16:10:40
P.S. For those who find the previous comment too general or those who are not paying much attention I suggest they peruse the following which appeared in Ovi recently:


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