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Let There Be Light
by David Sparenberg
2016-09-17 11:37:10
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There is light.  We are in the light.  And we are of the light.
Beyond the light is darkness.  We are in the darkness; we are of the dark.
light01_400_01As light moves, so too moves dark.
Beyond darkness there is light.  This is the other light, the light that is light beyond darkness.  This is the Greater Light.
The Greater Light is the light that is yet to come; the light we have yet to become.  The “and yet” is why now the Greater Light is called Hidden Treasure, although for some it is called horizon, for some spectrum, which throughout, in the maturation, will be called Rainbow.
At every level there is Presence: Presence awaits us.  And yet we are in the Presence and everywhere we are and everywhere we turn, even when we turn in the dark, becoming darkness, there too is Presence.
Presence by us is called energy or power, consciousness, spirit, mystery, or God.  Before the Holy we are called Beloved, but also lost, apart, wayward and lingering. 
Waiting is prolonged.  And the duration of waiting is only understandable by studying the puzzles of our humanity and the symbol of the cosmic dialogue, and our someday together placing the pieces, one by one, into the big picture, into completion.
Completion is liberation out of scattering and brokenness and forced displacements (and this is suffering and is rage and travail) and the maturation (which is prophecy and justice, peace and trust) is liberation of the Greater Light.  Light of coming on and light of entering into—of revelation and intuitive response.
Due to this, to the Dreaming of the All of this, that which was creatively spoken, “Let there be light,” is endlessly spoken.
David Sparenberg
21 July 2016


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