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Further Penalizing the Sick and the Poor
by Leah Sellers
2016-10-19 10:27:40
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Further Penalizing the Sick and the Poor
The Huddled Masses Longing to be Free from Sickness and Poverty…….

“Betty Jean, why are you sittin’ out here in the middle of the Chicken Coop ?  Didn’t you hear me callin’ for you ?  I’ve been lookin’ for you all over the place,”  Jebediah asked gruffly.
“Well, you found me, and I heard you.  I wasn’t ready to fix supper yet or have anybody botherin’ me just now,”  Betty Jean said shortly.
“Botherin’ you ?”  Jebediah looked at his wife of thirty years.  “Did you get bad news at the doctor’s office ?”
“No, I didn’t get any news at all.  I walked in and handed them my new ACA insurance card, and the little girl behind the counter informed me that I had a $3,000.00 deductible.  And that I would have to pay her $145.00 just to get in  to see the doctor,”  Betty Jean answered sharply. 
“Imagine that, $145.00 just to get in the door to speak to a doctor that may or may not give me any eye contact while he’s typin’ away on his little computer askin’ me questions that I came to him in the first place to get the answers to about my very own health.”
poor01_400_01“Then the doctor informs me that he is orderin’ a bunch of tests for me.  So, I asked him how much the tests would run,”  Betty Jean further explained.
“Well, that got his attention, and he stopped typin’ away on his little computer and looked at me a second time with this blank stare, that said, ‘oh no, she’s gonna’ be one of those kinda’ patients’.”
“And then he said that they would probably run a little over a thousand dollars.  Well, my heart jumped into my throat, Jebediah.  We don’t have that kind of money just lyin’ around at our finger-tips.  And with a $3,000.00 deductible that’s exactly what’s expected out of folks like us,”  Betty Jean said exasperatedly.
“Well, I told him about my deductible, and that he could just cancel all of those expensive tests.  And then he said, ‘Well, how am I supposed to know how to treat you’ ?”
“And then I said, ‘Well, I guess we’re both up the creek without a paddle.  Because I don’t have the money to pay out of pocket for the tests you need, and so I can’t get the Health Care that I need.  And you are losin’ a very disgruntled Customer, because it’s obvious that I am not seen as a Patient in our present day Medical Care system anymore.”
“And with that, I gathered my handbag and mosied right on out the door.  I paid $145.00 for absolutely nothin’ but a few minutes of pure aggravation, Jebediah,”  Betty Jean sighed.  “What is the World comin’ to ?”
“Well, maybe Cousin Fred is right, and Americans do need that Single-Payer, Universal Health Care that he and all of those other Bernie Sanders people are always yakkin’ on and on about,”  Jebediah answered.
“Well, I thought I would never see the day when you would agree with anything any stinkin’ Democrat had to say, Jebediah,”  Betty Jean chuckled.
“Now, don’t go puttin’ all of my eggs into that one basket of ruffled-feathered chickens, Betty Jean,”  Jebediah complained.  “I’m just sayin’ that it makes no sense for us to be payin’ nearly $200.00 a month for Health Insurance we can’t use.”
“And that the Big ’ole Insurance Companies are goin’ to be further sabotagin’  the Affordable Care Act with even higher prices than that this year, anyways.”
“Jebediah, I’m of the mind that when it comes to the Health and the Education of folks that those costs need to be managed Publicly out of one great Big Money Pot, paid into by everyone, in order to keep costs Even Steven and Affordable for everybody,”  Betty Jean added.  “If folks want to go out and get rich then go sell cars or real estate or somethin’.  But when it comes to a person’s Health, the Ethics and Values around that need to be different for Societies as a whole to be Healthy.”
“What we’re doin’ to folks right now in America regardin’ their Health and the quality of their lives makes no sense at all,”  Betty Jean proclaimed.
“Why don’t we invite ’ole Fred to supper this evenin’ and find out more about this Universal Health Care idea,” Jebediah announced.  “Because when I was listenin’ to the news this mornin’ there was this Doctor Ezekiel Emanuel on there who said that the government big wigs were gonna’ start puttin’ a heavier penalty on folks who weren’t signed up for Health Care or who were once signed up, but couldn’t afford the deductibles or the doctors fees anymore than we can, and decided to let it go, just like we‘re gettin‘ ready to do.”
“What ?”  Betty Jean exclaimed.  “How can anybody with any decency do that.  Don’t they know that folks who need to go to the doctor are anxious to get to a doctor, and have serious consequences to their health, and their lives, when they can’t afford to get there or don’t want to go into any more debt over their health costs than they have to ?  How could anybody in their right mind say or do anything like that to folks strugglin’ just to make ends
meet ?”  Betty Jean asked hotly.  “Why that is unconscionable.  Downright mean-spirited and unconscionable !”
“And on top of that, the Medical Folks are overchargin’ for everything.  I paid $145.00 to see a doctor for not more than five minutes, who only glanced at me while he interacted more with his computer than he did with me.  Just to have him try to order over a thousand dollars worth of so called tests so that he would know how to treat me.  And that’s not even countin’ the thousands of dollars The Fixin’ of me was probably gonna’ cost on top of that !”
“It’s ridiculous, Jeremiah !  Ridiculous !  What in the world is the World comin’ to ?”  Betty Jean rose agitatedly up from her stoop, scaring some the sitting chickens from their laying boxes.
“Betty Jean, let’s get on out of here, before you scare the eggs right out of all of these tempermental hens.”  Jebediah said as he gently wrapped his arm around her waist and walked with her outside the Chicken Coop, and up the path to the house.
“Let’s go ahead and call Cousin Fred. Maybe just talkin’ to him about our situation will help us resolve this mess some how.  You never know,”  Jebediah offered.
“That’s fine, Jebediah.  You know that I love Cousin Fred, and he always brags on my cookin’,”  Betty Jean said with a smile.  “I’ll whip you boys up some chicken and dumplins with some greens from the garden.  And I’ll fix a pan of buttermilk cornbread and a pitcher of sweet tea to go with the meal”
“Mmmm, Mmmm.  My mouth is waterin’ already,”  Jebediah said smiling with satisfaction.
“Good,”  Betty Jean said lightly.  Then looking straight ahead with a slight frown upon her brow, Betty Jean added, “Jebediah, I never thought that I would feel this way, but I am amazed that we live in a Nation that would further penalize the Sick and the Poor, the huddled masses who are only seekin’ and workin’ and yearnin’ to be Free from Sickness and Poverty, just because they cannot afford the broken-down and all too greedy Medical Health Care System, and Insurance Companies, and the Banks that own them that we all presently have to live with in America.”
“I know that president Obama has done his best to try and move our Health Care System in the right direction.  But the work is not done, and what’s happenin’ to folks like you and me is just not right,”  Betty Jean stressed.
“ Well, that was a little dramatic, but I do know what you mean, Betty Jean,”  Jebediah said with a grin.  “I tell you what, you worry about supper right now, and we’ll talk to Cousin Fred to see what, if anything, can be done.  Because the both of us need access to Medical Care right now, and neither one of us can afford to get it.  And you’re right.  That just ain’t right.  Not right at all.”


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