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A Benevolent Capitalist (Christian) versus A Malevolent Capitalist (Christian?)
by Leah Sellers
2016-08-22 11:25:59
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Yes, Capitalism can be Benevolent or Malevolent, and Christianity (and any other Religion for that matter) can be Benevolent or Malevolent.
For example, shall we take a brief and cursory look at the United States of America’s two primary parties, Democratic and Republican, Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
And, by the way, it must also be noted that the Trump Media machine, which has just taken on the Ultra-Right-Wing’s brazen Voice-Box, Stephen Bannon, Breitbart News‘ media mogul (who is loved by the White Supremacists and has publicly supported violent rebellion) as one of its champions, because Paul Manafort’s under-the-table monetary dealings in general, and with the Putin Puppet ex-leader of Ukraine, who ran away from his angry Ukrainian people, and into the arms of his Russian Puppet Master for sanctuary, and possible money droppings leading all the way to the Kremlin, are being investigated.  And, so, led to Paul’s quick, under-the-table and into the news expulsion.
chris01_400In fact, Trump, has also taken Roger Ailes, the Right-wing’s FOX News mogul, who had to leave media mogul Murdoch’s fold, due to sexual harassment and possible work-force forced hank-panky, under his thrice divorced (for a newer and younger model whenever the yen struck him) already crowded arm pit, as a prestigious and Strategic Strategist for his presidential campaign.
Now, everyone presently working for Trump is trying to get him to ’Stay on Message’ (whatever that means, because The Donald feels as though he has always been on Message with his constant Racist, Xenophobic, ’You’re a Loser ‘cause I’m a Bull in the China Closet Bully-Boy, and you aren’t’, Great Wall Building Immigrant-phobic, keep your Guns fully loaded and cocked because there are Terrorists and Zombie Apocalypses surrounding us everywhere, but depend on Big ’ole Blow-hard-and-even-harder Me to Protect little ’ole you with my Stragego Game Toy Soldiers, and Buzzing Drones, and Big Bang Nukes, and Americans need to maintain and expand Trickle Down Economics to the little ’ole you’s of the World so that the Big ’Ole Conning, Scamming, Flim-Flamming, Chest-thumping, Predatory Predators like Me can continue to pick your bones clean legally and politically, Remarks).
Yes, that’s right, you guessed it, Donald Trump epitomizes Malevolent Capitalism and a perverse version of Christianity.
Trump preaches Exclusion, Fear and Hatred, and launches continuous prevarications of the so-called Truth for his own Self-Aggrandizement, and to manipulate Others into Aggrandizing him, his Purposes and Goals, and his bottom line at the eventual expense and sacrifice of ThemSelves and the World we all Live upon Together.
Hillary Clinton, on the other hand has Aggrandized herself, her Family and the Greater World around her with the Riches and Power she has attained throughout her Lifetime.  Unlike, The Donald, who has made his Fortune running over others, running others out of their homes, and swindling his Workers out of their Fair Wages after the Work was done in the name of Luxury and various forms of Fun-and-Games Entertainment.
Yes, Hillary Clinton, very different from The Donald, preaches Inclusion, Compassion, Fairness and Justice for One-and-All.  For The Many as well as The Few.
She is all about Villages raising their Children Together generously, protectively and educationally.
Hillary espouses Public Funding, in which all Americans pool their monies and resources together to Benefit The Whole locally, regionally, state-wise and nationally.  Public funding in the form of expanded Social Security for the Elderly and the Disabled.  Public Funding in the form of Nationwide Public Schools, which even now are filled with superlative Teachers, despite the manipulative prevarications and deliberate bad hype primarily put out against them by Right-wing air jockey’s and media moguls run by The Right-Wing Few, who want to make money off of America’s Children through the Privatization of American Education, just like they profited off of American minority groups in their privatized For-Profit Prisons. 
Malevolent Capitalists are salivating, and licking their chops, over the possible Malevolent Capitalistic Profit-Earning potentials to be greedily lapped up and gorged upon due to these vulnerable groups of Americans and Others.
Hillary Clinton, when confronted publicly and glaringly with her husband’s infidelities, years ago, due to weaknesses within himself he had not yet faced and dealt with, stayed the course of her Marriage and remained with him for the Both of them, their Child, and all of their Futures. 
Despite the natural humiliation, regret and sadness which may have tried overcome her, and make her feel the need to retaliate and be destructive.  Hillary Clinton, instead Chose to Lift herself, and in doing so, Lifted them both, lifted them all, and eventually he hopefully came to terms with, and dealt with, those weaknesses within himself over time.  It happens, in some cases, and it appears that she helped it happen in theirs.  And that takes Strength of Character, an iron-rod Backbone and a sense of Purposeful Integrity.
And now, in this Season of Trumpian Vitriole, the media hype is that the Clinton’s should shut-down the Global Initiative Program which has spread naught but Good Works to Families in America, and around the Globe.
No, the Clinton’s have not been out spending their millions and billions every din-don-day on fancy Trumpian hotels, casinos, luxury resorts and golf courses for The Few.  Instead they have extended their monies and political and social influence around America and the World for Bettering the Shelter, Food, Clothing, Medical Care and Education of The Many.  Hillary Clinton has encouraged and supported Women around the Globe to seek Ownership of their own Entrepreneurial Businesses and Lives.
And, it bears stating, that there is no media hype out telling Trump that he must shut down all of his self-serving business holdings around the World in order to become President of the United States of America.  Oops !
And, that  still, the Trumpeting Man who continuously negatively prevaricates about Hillary Clinton’s health and business dealings still refuses to show the American people his own Tax Returns (as she and Bill Clinton have), and a viable Health Report (as Hillary Clinton and Bill have) from whoever his doctor may be.  Oy- veh !
Yes, there is quite a bit of difference between Benevolent Capitalist Christians and Malevolent Capitalist Christians (or any other religion for that matter).
While one helps to create programs to expand the American and Global Educational Opportunities for all Children and Adults through and for the Public Good.  The other creates a Trumpian University, being sued by several ex-students who got conned and scammed out of their retirement funds and life savings for a meaningless and fraudulent supposed educational business program, which in actuality proved to be a Lesson in How-Not-To-Be Conned-By-A-Fast Talking-Con-Man-and-His-Well-Paid-Flim-Flamming-Cronies.
While one Benefits all Global Societies with their attained Wealth and Power, through specialized Benevolent social and economic programs as they also enjoy the fruits of their labors and connections, the other Malevolently Benefits only himself, his Family, and his Cronies with Self-Serving initiatives and luxury, that runs some folks out of their own homes and strives to bring in Immigrants from overseas that he can give Slave Wages to while he swindles the small companies who have actually built his Hotels, Casinos and Golf Courses for him out of the monies due to them.  Ching-Ching !
The World has Choices as to how it runs the Ideals which Guide their Societies and Economies, and the Global Realities and Trends they create.
We can Choose to have Leaders which espouse and Act On Economies which Benevolently Serve, Uplift, and equally Protect under the Laws of the Land the Whole of Societies, and our beautiful Planet, Earth, or we can Choose Leaders who perpetuate the same old, predatory systems that no longer fulfill (if they ever really did fulfill) the Needs, not the Greeds, of World Societies set on course to continue to destroy the Ideals and the Environments which Sustain and Nurture all of Humanity. 
Yes, there is a vast difference between Benevolent Capitalist Christianity and Malevolent Capitalist Christianity (and any other Religion for that matter), and the folks who Walk the Talk of those very different Paths in Life.  It has always been thus between the Hillary Clinton’s and the Donald Trump’s of every Nation around the World.
Life is all about Perception and Choices made due to those Perceptions.

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Emanuel Paparella2016-08-22 12:04:15
Which means, I suppose, that religions are in constant need of reform and renewal if they are to be worthy of that name, and as Aquinas put it "the abuse does not take away the use" and just because some people get drunk does not mean that we outlaw wine.

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