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Trumpty's Sarcasm Spasms
by Leah Sellers
2016-08-16 11:58:53
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Sarcasm Spasms, yes, we all have ‘em from time to time for a Laugh or two there’s a Word or a Phrase we’ll use, we’ll twist ’em and turn ’em to evoke a sardonic Smile or a little caustic Heartburn from nearby Listeners.
don01_400Trumpty is no different, when he’s ready to take a Humpty Dumpty with his Flim-Flam Lies that zoom out of his Mouth like frenzied Flies, he’ll say one thing is Truth and within twenty-four to forty-two hours give that so-called Truth the steel-toed Boot, and call it a reflexive Sarcasm Spasm.
“Can’t you tell the difference”, he’ll Bully-Boy harumphty ?  Deflecting any Blame or Shame or UnApologetic Antipathy he may be Feeling and Speeling away from Gollum’s very own ‘Precious’ Trumpty.  Oh my !
Trumpty will continue to harumphty that he never meant what he said to be taken Seriously (he’s only running to be the President of the United States after all).  He was just making a Joke to take a Poke at Hillary’s reputation.  So, why swallow his Joke with such consternation, when he intimated that the Second Amendment, Gun Totin’ folks should go after Hillary, and perhaps even the Judges she’ll put on the Supreme Court if she wins the Presidential Race.  Where’s the dis-grace ?  It was merely a Sarcasm Spasm surging through his already ‘high’energy organic form !  That’s his norm !  What’s the harm ?!  Why are some folks so alarmed ?!
And, oh no, he’ll continue to say that he did not mean it Seriously when he called Barack Hussein Obama the Founder of ISIS, and Hillary Clinton the Co-Founder of ISIS, and declared them both to be terrorist MVP’s (Most Valuable Players).  What would cause such a possible endangering National and International CRISIS of word and verbal deeds and cast himself into the weeds by labeling his Political enemies as Traitors to their Beloved Country ?
“Who ?!  Little ’ole Blow-hard, Bully-Boy me,” he asks with a tongue dripping in Sarcastic Glee ? 
“No, no,” he says, “You are creating airborne phantasms.  It was merely a Sarcasm Spasm !
So, why look so glum, he wonders and ponders, when he muddies his already murky waters with Chum and rotten meat for his salivating Fans ?  After all he is the Original Great I Am ! 
And oh, by the way, he chides, just in case it’s still hard for anyone to abide or follow or swallow or fathom my Flim-Flamming Genius. That was just another piercing narrow arrow of a Sarcasm Spasm, no less, but oh, so much, much more !

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Emanuel Paparella2016-08-16 13:16:01
Indeed, even more frightening and disturbing than a deranged Caligula who declared himself a god as emperor of the Roman Empire, or an unhinged psychopatic Trump who becomes president of the USA, is the idea of so many mindless millions of people willing to follow him to the ultimate disaster and destruction of a great nation. Jefferson warned us about countries that wants to be free and ignorant at the same time. He declared that kind of aspiration an impossibility. Later we have Lewis Sinclair who 71 years ago, in 1935, wrote a novel about a US president (President Buzelius, "Buzzy" Windrip) titled It can’t Happen Here where we observe a man with dictatorial tendencies eventually assuming the powers of a full-fledged right-wing dictator. Of course people at that time continued reassuring themselves saying that it was just fiction, after all, and indeed it can’t ever happen here in the land of the free and the brave and Constitutional guarantees and checks and balances.

A good subtitle for a last reprint of the novel (and there have been several already) would be “A prophecy coming to pass.”

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