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by Virginia Maria Romero
2018-12-05 08:47:37
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Swirling and swirling
        around in my head,
             out from the darkness
these visions of red.

Out from the darkness
        they sway to and fro,
             when they will stop
I really don’t know.

I try to befriend them
        I try to make peace
                though they continue to haunt me
invading my space.

If you could just spend
         one day in my head,
                you would see what I speak of
these visions of red.

Swirling and swirling
         around in my head,
                 the worst part of all
they come with me to bed.

When darkness is over
          I no longer cry,
                  when these visions surrender
to the sun in the sky.

The sun in the sky
           it now shines on my pillow,
                  and covers the darkness
                            with visions of yellow…..


A painting from Virginia Maria Romero

More of Virginia Maria Romero's paintings HERE!



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bohdan2018-12-06 02:07:21
liked it

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