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On the road to Orlando
by Carlos Eyl
2007-02-23 08:52:34
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The Builders Show is the biggest fair of its kind, worldwide. It gathers most of the hottest, in-fashion, innovative and functional patents available for the construction market. It is also the perfect excuse for a getaway to Orlando for a relaxed whole week of entertainment and business of course.

If there is one thing I enjoy at its best is to drive along the highway in a great car, with the music rolling and the gas smoking. As a typical business trip, I had a schedule to comply with everyday. This wasn’t an excuse for me not to eat Chinese at the mall as it is my favorite delicacy, not that it is the outmost original mandarin dish, but it just seems exquisite.

A trip to Miami’s Brickell Avenue always catches your breath as you witness the great skyline passing through imposing bridges webbing together a puzzle of islands. The scenery couldn’t get any better from the 36th floor of the Bank of America where even Donald Trump would envy the view to be one of his own skyscrapers.

One thing you got to remember are the car tolls waiting for you on the way to Orlando. This is something to keep in mind and value your twenty five cent coins to be used efficiently. It is not until you realize that they are not the only ones to be gathered around that you find yourself paying little more than ten dollars, before your are set loose in the wilderness of high speed rushes. It seems everybody has just enough time to reach their destination but only one Desperado will accomplish to avoid the dust of the good old Goodyear tires.

The Universal Studios, Walt Disney, good food restaurants are simply too many things to drive by without drooling your eyes out on your way to the fair. It certainly doesn’t match Las Vegas but you recognize the American way of marketing your butt out through the eyes.

The fair isn’t called the Big Show for nothing; I walked as much as I would have during my best years in college. The only fair I could compare it to would be the Drupa in Dusseldorf, but the architecture is something to remember. You could skip lunch and keep walking energized by the food stands feeding you bread and coffeecakes as if you needed to add those to your diet.

The organization of the event simply pays my respect, as you could wonder around the place in such an organized manner; even the Finnish saunas were present. They stole set of pictures from me as I just couldn’t avoid my content in remembrance of the good old Suomi days!

The trip wasn’t over without a bit of excitement on my way back to Miami. The coins were gone, the money was scarce on the road and lucky for me my smile is worth more than a couple US dollars and got away at the toll. I managed to make my hotel reservation right on the hotel’s parking lot, avoiding the normal rate and gaining a cheaper good night sleep after a long road trip back from Orlando.

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