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Putin's Trump Card
by Leah Sellers
2016-08-12 09:16:42
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Conspiracy Theories are today’s Legends and Mythologies:
Oh, Putin is Scootin’ into American Politics as a vendetta against Madame Hillary in order to sabotage the Democratic Convention with Tension, and perhaps damage the Ticket overall.
Hold the Spicket, you say ?!
Well, Putin is a Grudge Holder (Much like Humpty Trumpty).  Scootin’ Putin blames Madame Hillary for casting Dastardly flies of Liberty into the fallow, pre-mixed ointment of his Rigged Election a few years ago over issues of Human Rights and Equal Justice, when she was Secretary of State for the United States.
Uh-oh, Maniforeeee-oooo.
put01_400_03Could it be, conspiratorially speaking, sir, that you are responsible for whispering into a powerful Ukrainian Leader’s Ear, that you know ever so well, one Business Man to another Business Man, who has very strong ties with Scootin’ Putin ?
Could these Whispers of Intrigue and Business have led to the DNC’s emails being hacked into and stolen ?
Amusing, to some, stealing the DNC Emails a little while ago, and then releasing them through Assange’s WIKI Leaks, so to speak, on the coattails of Madame Hillary’s Email Scandal’s uneasy Resolution in order to Seed further Dis-solution in some camps.  You Scamps !
Must have put a Cheshire Cat Grin on Scootin’ Putin and his ‘Brother from a different Mother’, Humpty Dumpty.  Oh, how the Conspiracies thicken.  Did you have your Birth Certificates in your pockets at the time ?
Yes, the DNC Chair lost her job !  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is off of the floor and out the door (but perhaps headed for a side door).  And there is even more Rotten Fruit to bear of despair with the Bernie Revolution which may also further lead to the Democratic Convention’s Dis-solution.
Of course, one could surmise, conspiratorially that is, all day about your next covert move against America and your next Vacation.  After all, it’s just Business.
Will it be in the mountains, Bare-chested and Chest Thumping on the back of weary horses with ‘ole Humty trumpty ?
My, on my, will you two have a lot to chew the fat about, to howl like Jackals about and collaborate upon ?
That’s the problem with Conspiracy Theories.  They make the World suddenly Appear to be so much smaller you Oligarchical Pair.
You empire builders with Autocratic and Dictatorial CEO leanings and Flair.
Yes, the World can be such a Fragile thing.  Eggs can Fall and Crack and Splinter.
The World is getting Warmer, whether you deny Climate Change as a Reality or not for Business reasons, of course.  After all, it’s always just about Self Aggrandizing Cheer-Leading Nationalistic Business with you two.
But Leaders like you Two can be Harbingers of a Future Nuclear Winter.
Everybody keep your Coats and Hats handy.  Get ready to Jive and Groove, because Scootin’ Putin and Humpty Trumpty, and those of their ilk, are Conspiratorially on the Move.  Conspiratorially Speaking, that is.

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