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Blinded By Science
by Jack Wellman
2007-02-23 08:52:54
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Evolutionists often falsely accuse creationists of believing in a flat Earth. But neither history nor modern scholarship supports the claim that Christians ever widely believed that the Earth was flat. And the Bible doesn't teach it.

Christianity has often been accused of opposing science and hindering technology throughout history by superstitious ignorance. However, a closer study of historical facts shows that this accusation is ill-founded.

In his book The Discovers, author Daniel Boorstin stated: "A Europe-wide phenomenon of scholarly amnesia... afflicted the continent from AD 300 to at least 1300”.

During those centuries a flat earth was a given scientific fact, accepted without question, even though the Greek’s had proven otherwise centuries earlier. They had calculated the earth’s circumference with surprising accuracy and left supporting, documented evidence.

Prior to AD 300 most were convinced that the Earth was round. It was common knowledge. There were at that time only a small minority of Christians that believed that the earth was actually flat.

Christians in general, understood the Bible describes the Earth as a “circle” or sphere and had both night and day periods (Ish. 40:22, Luke 17:34-36, Job, Psalms, etc.) It is with the scientists (the alleged most brilliant thinkers of the time) where the real fault should lie. They saw solar eclipses and lunar ones! They had access to ancient Greek writings. The defied mathematical calculations to the face! They refused astronomer’s testimonies. Why!?

Jack Wellman Box 171, Belle Plaine, KS freewebs.com/freegrace 2007 620-488-2905

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Sand2007-02-23 09:18:18
Since the bulk of modern success is based on the discoveries of science and a large bundle of the vicious problems is derived from lethal religious fanaticism I wonder why the flat Earth problem is of such concern.

Lewis Martin2007-02-23 12:20:12
I agree with Sand, I can't fathom this article, it is self contradictory and mere rhetoric against science. If most people didn't believe in a flat world all along what's your problem?

Rinso2007-02-24 09:33:44
This has little to do with religion, but more with the inability to understand why people wouldn't fall off the underside of the earth.
A better example would be the heliocentred universe.

Grant2007-04-19 23:57:03
Lewis; Most people didn't believe that the practice of "blood letting" by doctors on their patients was no problem either. That was a huge problem, for the patient. answersingenesis.org & christiananswers.net

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