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From a child or a madman
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-02-23 08:50:25
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Iran’s puppet president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected international calls to suspend uranium enrichment and he noted that Iran would only stop if the states – pointing at the US – seeking the suspension stopped producing nuclear fuel themselves.

In Greece we have a saying, you only learn the truth from a child or a madman - Mahmoud is definitely not a child, but he definitely said the bitter truth nobody wants to admit. Who gave the right to a certain number of countries to tell everybody else if they have the right to produce nuclear bombs or chemical weapons? Oddly, as it sounds, the only thing that gives them this right is that they themselves have an endless stock of all these weapons of mass destruction.

The natural question should be, why do the United States, why does Russia and everybody else have chemical weapons? Before the invasion of Iraq, all the news agencies were filled with the results of chemical weapons. We saw in details what mustard gas can do to people and I’m not sure what else but there were a lot. They terrified people about the special reports about missiles that could carry all these microbes - Iraq supposedly had a few - and it made people in Cyprus think if they should build a shelters when they showed how far these missiles could travel.

I’m not talking here on how true these stories were and if the CIA misled the American president and MI5 the British prime minister and both of them the whole world. After showing us how dangerous these weapons are in all these news bulletins, most of them followed with world maps where they had pointed how many countries have these weapons and the numbers of missiles they have.

The US is the country with the highest number! Can anybody answer to me why? If this weapon is so inhuman that it can excuse an invasion, why do you have it, why do you have laboratories continuing investigations over these inhuman weapons and why do you stock them?

The Bush administration started a whole war with unexpected results standing on a series of lies. In this war they used nuclear enriched weapons or I’m not sure what other name they give them, but they used weapons with nuclear elements inside them. Nuclear weapons are part of what they call weapons of mass destruction and the excuse to invade Iraq was that they had weapons of mass destruction. It sounds crazy? You think so?

Can a terrorist organization have a fully equipped laboratory to create a nuclear bomb or missiles with chemicals? Of course not. But we often hear that this is the most dangerous threat for the future, terrorists with nuclear weapons or chemicals. And where are these terrorists going to find these materials if they cannot have laboratories to create them? In the market. And where will this market be? From the former USSR states! They don’t just say it; they believe it too.

I mean, these damn Russians, inhuman satanic creatures without souls like Dracula’s conspire day after day and night after night how to kill every human on this planet. I mean they are not humans themselves are they? Oddly, the only real threat from a chemical weapon in the United States has come from a white Anglo-Saxon Christian group that believes in the white’s superiority and considers the American administration as traitors! Hurray!

I don’t like this puppet president of the mullahs’ fanatics but he hit upon a truth. I think he is dangerous and the time for the Iranian people to earn their freedom should come and it is our obligation to help them, but what he said is the bitter truth. Who gave the USA the right to decide who should have WMD? Who gave them the right to hold this threat over our heads and force a law that doesn’t apply to them? Why should Iran stop whatever it is they are doing, just because USA has done it long before and has stocked enough missiles to threaten everybody?

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