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by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-02-26 09:54:24
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EU emissions cuts could lead to a loss of 60,000 jobs in Finland!

Really? And if we don’t do anything it will cost life on Earth!


The Russian shipyard Baltiisky Zavod, based in St. Petersburg, ran two weeks of sea trials on a newly-built nuclear icebreaker in the Gulf of Finland and further out in the Baltic Sea earlier this month.

Oh! Now they are worrying for environment?


The pop star headline-making behaviour last week — shaving her head and getting tattoos after a quick stay in rehab — seemed to reflect the crazed antics of a wild child.

Good girls go to paradise, bad girls go everywhere!


Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rejected international calls for Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment, a day before a UN deadline runs out. He said Iran would only do so if states seeking the suspension stopped producing nuclear fuel themselves.

Well, you have to admit that it is not an unfair claim!


The US Supreme Court has thrown out a ruling that tobacco firm Philip Morris must pay $79.5m (£40.7m) in punitive damages after the death of a smoker.

There is hope!


An American appeals court has upheld an anti-terrorism provision that states that Guantanamo Bay inmates cannot challenge their detention in US courts. The provision was a key element of a law for prosecuting terror suspects that President George W Bush sent through Congress last year.

Time for democracy? Make practice what we preach!


French Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has promised more help for low earners during a television appearance aimed at boosting her presidential bid. She focused on plans to raise wages and create jobs, in what analysts describe as a fresh effort to rally the left.

And then she woke up and saw the reality!


US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned. It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.

What? And I thought I was the only one who knew!!!


A front runner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination says ex-Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will go down as one of the worst in history.

History of America or the history of the world?


Australia has announced plans to ban incandescent light bulbs and replace them with more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.

Turn the lights off in the Opera House!!!


A Romanian priest has been jailed for 14 years for conducting an exorcism that led to the death of a nun who he believed was possessed by devils.

To the fire, to the fire!!!


Nepal's King Gyanendra has publicly accepted responsibility for "success and failure" under his direct rule. The statement comes nearly a year after a popular uprising forced the monarch to give up power to a seven-party alliance backed by Maoists.

Is he going to resign?


No news from Berlusconi this week!

I’m sorry!!!


And remember there is only one magazine in Finland with the name Ovi, the rest are just …bad imitations.

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