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New Books for Ovi Bookshelves
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-07-21 10:45:12
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Two new books added today in the shelves of the Ovi-bookshop. Two books I’m really proud of. One from a very dear personal friend, a philosophy professor, Dr Lawrence Nannery, a man of great intellect who has reached heights  of inner searching and one from a compatriot, Nikos Laios, who constantly searches for knowledge.

cinema_400Translations from the Cinema - By Dr Lawrence Nannery

Dr “Poetry is something you read out and loud!”

A very animated Lawrence Nannery told me one day while talking about his poetry, always choreographing his words with his hands. And he is absolutely right. To read his poems, take your time and definitely read them out loud. And then close your eyes and let them travel with you into the feelings of the moving pictures.

What complicates things in this collection of his poems is the fact that, one moving picture is worth one poem, it doesn’t matter how many words.

Lawrence Nannery is a friend of mine, in his complexity of thoughts, his multidimensional knowledge and simplicity of his feeling. Actually it is the combination of all that, that makes the philosopher Professor Lawrence Nannery, a poet.

And what better motivation for a lover of beauty, inspiring thoughts and words than the moving pictures. Somehow I feel that the words “moving pictures” ties better than the word “cinema”, with Lawrence’s poetry. Because just like moving pictures Lawrence Nannery introduces us into moving words.


ida_400Ida & Her Magic Camera

Nikos Laios is a published poet and a thinker columnist, therefore a short story with symbolisms, questions and an inner dialogue came as no surprise.

The story was first published in Ovi magazine in a weekly series that covered one month and now as an EBook. Actually this is the first book of Nikos, a special honour for Ovi magazine to act as his publisher and a tribute from both of us, two expatriates, to our homeland and her past.


Both books are FREE and you can download them HERE!


Enjoy the reading

Thanos Kalamidas


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